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Magic Album - Program Bugs

Crash when changing layout or filter (not a bug)


Hi, when I change the layout (Collecting/Deckbuilding) or changing the filter the program often crashes.
If there is a way to get a debug or crash log I will provide it.
I also provided a zip with my inventory, decks and layouts, should there be a problem.
(61.29 KiB) Downloaded 4 times


Posted by Goblin Hero » 04 Jan 2020, 07:52

Just tried to use your inventory, deck and layouts. Switched many times between layouts without problems. Filters are ok too. The bug is not reproduced.
What OS do you use?

Posted by Matse » 04 Jan 2020, 09:21

Hi, I'm using Windows 10.
I will try to reinstall the Programm and maybe use it without the images.

There is no way to generate crash logs?

Posted by Goblin Hero » 05 Jan 2020, 14:03

No, there is no way to generate crash logs. Could you test MA on any other computer/notebook? Because you're first to report such like error.

Posted by Matse » 07 Jan 2020, 15:12

ok, i have reinstalled the program (only using the layouts and pictures from the old installation) and it looks like it is working.
Maybe there was a problem with the price files (they did never really work for me) or something the validation from the updater did not find.

Thank you for the reply and sorry for the unnecessary work.

Ticket details

  • Ticket ID: 1543
  • Project: Magic Album
  • Status: Not a bug
  • Component: (unknown)
  • Project version: (unknown)
  • Priority: Normal
  • Severity: Normal
  • Assigned to: Goblin Hero
  • Reported by: Matse
  • Reporter's tickets: List all tickets
  • Reported on: 03 Jan 2020, 08:22
  • Last visited by Goblin Hero » 08 Jan 2020, 07:58.

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