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Crashes on Inventory Statistics window (fix completed)


Just like the title says, I'm experiencing crashes when the Inventory Statistics window is opened. It's not always right away, but I'd say it's usually within 30 sec of opening the window.

I've tried it on 2 different inventories and it happens on both. I tried switching to the default layouts, and it still happened, although it seemed to take longer. It did not happen on an empty inventory in any layout.

I've attached my main inventory and layout files in case you need them.
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Posted by Goblin Hero » 09 Jan 2013, 06:30

Can't reproduce it. Does it crash just with the Inventory Statistics open? Or I need to click a button or something? What OS do you use? Can you record a video?

Posted by tenminutegod » 13 Jan 2013, 01:14

I've only ever had it happen when the Inventory Statistics window is open, and only when the mouse is moved over the statistics window.

My best guess is that it might be related to tooltips popping up in the grid. In the video you can see it happens about when the mouse passes over the "11..." in Regular Cards Quantity of the the Magic 2011 row.

I'm using Windows 7.

I've also tried doing a fresh install and then opening the same inventory and layout files, and it still happens.
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Posted by Goblin Hero » 13 Jan 2013, 09:39

TY for the video, but I still can't reproduce the bug.
1. Does it happen every time a tooltip should be displayed? Or it crashes at random?
2. Does it crash with another inventories?
3. All grid controls are the same. Try to play with the similar tooltips in the database or inventory pane. Will it crash?

Posted by tenminutegod » 13 Jan 2013, 15:43

It didn't crash on every tooltip, but it does happen with other inventories. I couldn't get it to happen on database or inventory panes.

For a while today it was reproducible by hovering the mouse over the Foil Cards Quantity column, even when there weren't any tooltips. I crashed it about 20 times by doing this with the column at many different widths and from various angles.

However, after I created a new inventory, merged my old one, saved it, and tried that same thing, it didn't crash. When I opened my original inventory and tried it, it still didn't crash. I closed the program and let it autoload the original. No crash.

Right now I can't get it to crash at all, but that's happened before. I'll post here if it starts doing it again.

Posted by Goblin Hero » 28 Jan 2013, 10:44

I've found the problem. Fixed in r256.

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  • Reported by: tenminutegod
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  • Reported on: 06 Jan 2013, 16:54
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