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Columns missing when saving as .CSV (fix completed)


When saving as a .CSV file, some of the columns are either completely missing or are listed but have no data.

Missing completely:
Listed but with no content:
-Text (Oracle)
-Type (Oracle)


Posted by raphael75 » 02 Jun 2011, 04:13

I have experienced this as well.

Posted by raphael75 » 12 Jun 2011, 08:08

Here's an example of what I get when I try to export a small section of my inventory file as a csv:

Qty (R) Name (Oracle) Set Rarity Color Cost P/T Type (Oracle) Legality Version
1 Coast Watcher SC C U {1}{U} 1/1
1 Aven Liberator SC C W {2}{W}{W} 2/3
1 Dragonstalker SC U W {4}{W} 3/3
2 Duskrider Falcon WL C W {1}{W} 1/1
1 Duskrider Peregrine TSP U W {5}{W} 3/3
3 Freewind Falcon VI C W {1}{W} 1/1
2 Mystic Familiar TO C W {1}{W} 1/2

As you can see, the column names are there for Type (Oracle), Legality, Version, etc. but the data isn't filled in for them. I'm also going to try to attach the file to this message.
Mark Collection14.rar
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Posted by Nexensis » 13 Jun 2011, 02:26

In your example, raphael75, there is no data under the Version column because those cards do not have multiple versions.

I've also attached an example. This example uses all columns available in MA, with the affected columns (as listed in my original post) arranged to be at the right of the table. Appropriate data seems to be present in all other columns. A picture is also attached which shows what should be displayed, showing MA on top and the CSV (formatted in Excel) on the bottom.

EDIT: Clicking on the picture seems to display the thumbnail only, but here is the full picture
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Posted by raphael75 » 22 Jun 2011, 19:34

But even in your example the Text (Oracle), Type (Oracle), Border, Text, and Legality fields aren't getting exported. I would like it to export all data if possible.

Posted by Nexensis » 22 Jun 2011, 21:31

Yes... as listed in my original post. I was just providing a more thorough example.
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Posted by Goblin Hero » 08 Apr 2013, 09:41

Fixed in r261. Now all columns can be exported except Text, Text(Oracle) and Flavor. It's an intended behavior (protection feature, so it's not possible to make a complete DB dump).
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