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How to use XP-DEV, our card source repository

PostPosted: 15 Nov 2012, 16:09
by FranAvalon
I've upload BA's source code to XP-DEV server, and it is market as opens source. However, I am not sure if you can access it without register there, so its better that you get an account on

Once you have an account. Please download and install this to your computer:

To test to see you can connect to our online card source database:

1. Right click on any folder in Windows Explorer
2. You should see new menu options. One of them is 'TortoiseSVN >'. Click that and select 'Repo-browser'
3. In the URL field, enter
4. It will ask for your user name and password you created when you join
5. You should be able to browse all the source files in the browser

A bit of explanation of the folder structure I have created in the 'URL' space:

This represents the current on-going and latest development code. 'Trunk' means the trunk of a tree and it is the 'main' thing. You should modify only files at this location.

This represents all the labeled/tagged/branched source files. No one should be changing files in the /branches location because these branches are for quickly review source code at a certain version.

Now how card developers should work:

1. Decide a location in your hard disk where you want to code, e.g. C:\BotArena
2. Right click on the folder, choose 'SVN checkout'
3. In the URL field, enter ''
In the Checkout directory, enter your target directory, as e.g. "C:\Botarena Source"
Checkout depth should be 'Fully Recursive'
Revision should be 'HEAD'
4. It will ask for you user name and password if you haven't entered it already. It will then download all the source code.
5. Now if you edit any file in Studio which is tracked by TortoiseSVN, you should see the green check mark in Windows Explorer change to a red exclamation mark.
6. After you have done all your changes (e.g. after finished a card), you can right click on 'C:\BotArena' and select 'SVN commit'. Wait for the system to find all the changes you have done since step 4. Enter a comment in the top box, e.g. 'Added Serra Angel card'. Click OK and the changes will be uploaded.

Now if someone has some changes (committed in step 6 above) you want to use:

1. Right click on 'C:\BotArena', select 'SVN update'
2. It should find all the changes since your last checkout performed in step 4 above. Note that if a file is changed by you and someone else, TortoiseSVN may say the file has 'conflicts'. Don't panic and you can fix the conflict by opening up the conflict editor. You should be able to see what needs to be merged, e.g. you and another person changed the exact same line.
3. Now you have the most up-to-date source code.

Re: How to use XP-DEV, our card source repository

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2013, 13:13
by FranAvalon
The SVN is set to Open Source, but seems that it refuses upload new code if you are not register and with permision to write :(
If someone need upload some code and has problems, please tell me and I will try to solve that.