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Shield of the Oversoul targeting

PostPosted: 17 Nov 2012, 17:11
by FranAvalon
If Shield of the Oversoul's hybrid mana {G/W} is paid with W, after casting the Shield it comes into play unattached and asks for a target second time (like in the Sleeper's Robe bug). Second target gets all the enchantments (unlike Sleeper's Robe). It also gets the enchant card attached to it.

When paying hybrid mana with G, it behaves like normal enchant aura.

Also the tooltips read different when it is cast with W. (See screenshots)

The effect does not change the end result of casting the spell, as far as I can tell (I have not thought too much about whether this can be abused by AI somehow in an obscure scenario). Therefore I chose cosmetic as severity of this issue.

2010-10-30 06:53
After testing a bit, there is a problem with AI and Shield of the Oversoul, it seems to be unable to use it with white mana payment for {G/W} cost. With only white mana available to it, AI is not using the shield at all.

A speculation: For human player W payment for hybrid part is not shown if "All actions" is not selected. That means it is considered a questionable action to use W mana for hybrid part. Maybe that is the reason AI is not using it.

The problem is that alternative cost of hybrid cost enchantments are simulated by moving the card to the battlefield. It does works for world enchantments, but not for auras. The alternative costs forces to choose a target for each cost alternative and if used on opponent's pernament it steals it.

Either the enchanting code would require a big rework or using a hybrid mana cost would be added to the ManaCost.

The same error is with Trace of Abundance.