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PostPosted: 17 Nov 2012, 17:12
by FranAvalon
The new target should be chosen on resolution.

10/4/2004: You choose the spell to target on announcement, but you pick the new target for that spell on resolution.

At that time, I should be able to change the target of a spell to any legal target. Because the Deflection is still on the stack when it's resolving, I should be able to change the target of a counterspell to the Deflection (but not to the counterspell itself). Then Deflection finishes resolving and goes to my graveyard, and the counterspell is countered on resolution for having an illegal target.

This would also allow a Deflection to target a Shunt, changing its target. Then when the Shunt resolves, its caster would have to choose a new target for the spell Shunt now targets.

I can't do either of those things right now.

2010-11-01 05:24
This also applies to Divert, Imp's Mischief, and Misdirection.