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Nyxathid's power can't go below zero

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Nyxathid's power can't go below zero

Postby travolter » 16 Nov 2012, 21:35

Dinghammer reported:

Nyxathid's ability never allows its power to go below zero.

If you cast a Burning Inquiry while your opponent has 5 or 6 cards in hand, Nyxathid will become a 0/-1 or 0/-2 after the cards are drawn, then it gets +3/+3 when they're discarded, so it ends up as a 3/2 or 3/1 instead of the 2/2 or 1/1 it should be. But it goes back to normal at the end of the turn.

This can also be shown with Castle and anything to get your opponent to 8 cards in hand. Or if your opponent uses Brainstorm.

Using the attached decks, start a game and let the computer go first. It should play a land and have 6 cards in hand.

On your turn, play the Lotus and the Mox, then cast the Nyxathid and cast Burning Inquiry. Nyxathid ends up as a 3/1.

2010-12-11 01:09
This also affects Kagemaro's Clutch, except that counts the cards in your hand instead of your opponent's.

Quag Sickness and Mogg Squad are affected too. They count permanents, though, which are a harder to manipulate to get any advantage out of this bug.
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