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Vendilion Clique draws card even if its ability ca

PostPosted: 16 Nov 2012, 21:36
by travolter
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611 [BotArena] Bugs - Engine unexpected feature behavior always 2011-01-23 22:12 2011-01-23 22:12
Reporter: Hector Platform:
Assigned To: battlestar OS:
Priority: normal OS Version:
Status: assigned Product Version: 1.24.1
Product Build: Resolution: open
Projection: none
ETA: none
Summary: Vendilion Clique draws card even if its ability can not find an applicable card
Description: Vendilion Clique's card draw ability is tied to first part of its "may" ability. But draw happens whether the first part happens or not.

This issue was first mentioned by dinghammer and second by Marek on the forums for the following cards:

Phthisis, First Volley and Smash by dinghammer: ... e=22#13764 [^]

Psinoc Blast by Marek: ... ge=1#14054 [^]

Steps To Reproduce:
Additional Information: Vendilion Clique ... eid=152549 [^]

Since there are more than one card affected by the same issue, this is an engine issue probably. Therefore I am marking this as an engine bug.

You can use the test decks from [^] , using computer as the target for Vendilion Clique's ability.

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