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Worm Harvest always says "0" tokens in action list

PostPosted: 17 Nov 2012, 16:38
by Jean le Chauve
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605 [BotArena] Bugs - Card cosmetic always 2011-01-19 18:13 2011-01-19 18:13
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Status: assigned Product Version: 1.24.1
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Summary: Worm Harvest always says "0" tokens in action list
Description: Worm Harvest spell cast description text is misleading. It always says:

"Casts Worm Harvest and puts 0 Worm tokens onto the battlefield."

regardless of how many land cards you have in your graveyard.

Since actual counting of lands happen at the time of resolution, it is impossible to predict the count of tokens with 100% accuracy at cast time. Not mentioning the number of tokens would be better(current text is alarming for the first timer) in my humble opinion.
Steps To Reproduce:
Additional Information: Worm Harvest ... eid=151135 [^]

Note: This is a cosmetic issue only. Spell produces right amount of tokens upon resolution.