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AI loves activate infinite times these cards

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AI loves activate infinite times these cards

Postby Jean le Chauve » 17 Nov 2012, 17:33

sourdough35 reported:

When the computer plays Basalt Monolith in a game I'm running, it keeps tapping and untapping it over and over again in the same turn. It looks like the only way out is to end the game.

Seems like what it's doing is tapping it for 3 points and then using those 3 to pay for the untap requirement. Once it's untapped, it does the same thing again. Over and over. This is the revised edition of the card I'm looking at.

When AI has an en-Kor and other creature enters in a loop of infinite activations of the en-Kor ability (warrior en-kor for example) " {0} : The next 1 damage that would be dealt to Warrior en-Kor this turn is dealt to target creature you control instead."

ai will happily move this around between all its creatures and never stop.

This is part of a more general problem where any equipment will be moved round even at a cost for no benefit.

It is maybe an ai issue and hard to fix possibly.

I can only quote Fran for that AI philosophy: "zero is cheap, and cheap is good".

I think we could merge that with similar reports.

This will be a thread to report all cards with activation cost of zero and that the AI uses it in a infinite loop.

For example: Outrider en-Kor

also but on a lesser note activations that cost 1 that do nothing.
the second activation of sensei's divining top in a row.
moving cranial equipment onto a target and back to the first.

actually pretty much any equipment being moved around causes this problem in some form.

yes that is the reason why I've removed Sensei divining top and Lightning graves from all my commander decks. I use their less powerfull equivalents.
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