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NivMizzet1's OP Deck Mods -- 4 Decks [24 Nov 16]

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NivMizzet1's OP Deck Mods -- 4 Decks [24 Nov 16]

Postby nivmizzet1 » 24 Nov 2016, 03:00

As promised, I've removed the overpowered decks from my original mod that uses Block ID 1314, and I've added them to a separate mod that uses Block ID 1315. Part of the reason I did this is because I'm running out of room in my original mod thread to post details of any new decks. And another part of the reason was for user friendliness -- presumably people either want balanced decks or OP decks, probably few want both; the new set up hopefully makes it a bit easier using Xander's sync tool, to filter decks you want.

Find my other mod, with less powerful (but still powerful; all approx. the power level of a very good modern deck) and more balanced decks, here

add these to the game directory:
The Community Core WAD (including Rick's DOTP 2014 patcher dll)
The Community Art WADs
The decks (Look for the prefix Data_Decks_1315; and don't forget to get the Data_DLC_1315_Content_Pack_Enabler.wad)

That is all you need.

You can find a full list of my decks below, or here, or here (look for the file 'NivMizzet1 (1315).txt').

You can find out more information about the community WAD and how to install it here.
You can find out more information about the community WAD decks and how to install them here.
I recommend getting Xander9009's sync tool -- it's a very easy way to keep up to date with the latest community WAD (newly coded cards and fixes) and any changes to decks or new decks. It's pretty awesome.

...and of course you need the base game Magic 2014 — Duels of the Planeswalkers

The Decks:

NOTE: These decks are all very powerful, well above the power of the decks in my other mod. However, these decks are not balanced with each other -- some (e.g. Rise of Irindu) are stupidly powerful, while others (e.g. Ancient Relics) are just powerful.

Rise of Irindu -- {G} {R} {U} (this deck is just silly)
about the deck:
| Open
Not legal in any sanctioned mtg format. ramp with moxes and Fastbond/land. refill your hand with Wheel of Fortune and Time Twister (and Ancestral Recall). take extra turns with Time Warp, Time Walk, and Emrakul. remove enemy threats and cantrip with Prophetic Bolt and Electrolyze. Win with Burn or . first turn win possible, second turn win likely, third turn win minimum unless you're really unlucky or haven't used the deck to its full potential.

Elfrakul: Believe It -- {G} Elf Ramp.
about the deck:
| Open
I think elves are super-powerful, and I've always liked elves. It seems pretty much every effective idea for an elf deck has been used, so instead of wracking my brain trying to think of something original, I borrowed ideas from two decks that I thought were really cool. I saw these decks on Tapped Out, one built for standard, "Standard Elves: Believe it" by the user zandl, and another "Elfrakul." by the user Vorxis. I liked the idea of using the elves basically for ramp and having an expensive finisher, so I combined the two decks.

Card by card synopsis (some of the following text is borrowed from Standard Elves: Believe it by zandl).
Llanowar Elves & Fyndhorn Elves: Do I need to spell it out? (tap them for mana!)

Elvish Archdruid & Priest of Titania: Beastly mana generators. They can come down on turn-2 with a Llanowar Elves out. Integral in every combo for this deck, basically the core of the deck.

Copperhorn Scout: Combos nicely with all the elves that tap for mana. Allows them to attack and still use their mana for Ezuri, Renegade Leader. Can even be used as a suicide to get emrakul or a regal force out very early.

Quirion Ranger: combo with priest of titania/elvish archdruid for lots of mana. Use mana to cast things like emrakul, regal force, GSZ for anything you need, or activating ezuri's ability (multiple times).

Wirewood Symbiote: combo with priest of titania/elvish archdruid. Use mana to cast things like emrakul, regal force, GSZ for anything you need, or activating ezuri's ability (multiple times). Good targets to send back are Quirion Ranger (get to use its ability twice in a turn) or any 1 cmc elves (especially if you've played a glimpse of nature; make sure you tap llanowar's/fyndhorn's for mana before you send them back).

Glimpse of Nature: insane card draw. you can draw through your entire deck with this (especially if you get two activated in the same turn). I usually want a couple of cheap creatures in hand and at least 4 mana (usually turn 3 or later) -- this is made easy with a titania/archdruid or two on the battlefield (supported by cards like copperhorn scout, wirewood symbiote, quirion ranger). This combo will usually set off the win if managed correctly.

Regal Force: more great card draw and a big body, can also be fetched with GSZ. It's guaranteed to fill your hand, and then some.

Ezuri, Renegade Leader: Overrun at Instant-speed is insane. By the fourth turn, I always have the mana to Overrun once, if not three times. Ezuri (and Emrakul) is the win-condition in this deck. Get him out with 2 Elvish Archdruids or priest of titanias and a few other small Elves and you're swinging for 40 Trample.

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn: because why not -- it's gg when it hits the table, which is often 4th/5th turn with all the mana and card draw (if you haven't won by other means already).

Green Sun's Zenith: Obvious choice. It can pretty much grab anything i'm after. Regal force is cool if the mana is there, but usually i'll use it to grab titania's, symbiotes, quirions, archdruids, or ezuris -- basically any piece of the combo i'm missing).

Heritage Druid: some more mana. A bit inconvenient having to tap so many creatures, but still useful with the large number of creatures that can enter the b/f in 1 turn that would otherwise not have a role to play until the next turn. However, add two Nettle Sentinel into the mix and you virtually have infinite mana, provided you have elves in hand to play.

Just so we're clear, the game winners are emrakul and multi-activated ezuri.

Ancient Relics -- {U} Artifacts
about the deck:
| Open
When I created this deck I imagined it to be the "boss deck" of my mod. As such I wanted it to be powerful but inconsistent, as that is how I view all of the DOTP boss decks that have been released -- mostly you get trounced until the boss gets a crap hand. It's quite a disappointing way to finish a game, but I thought I should stick to tradition anyway. So, I think I achieved my goal with this deck; it's very powerful -- it's possible to have a Wurmcoil Engine out turn 2 -- but at the same time it can be very inconsistent as there aren't many full sets of cards, but this is another thing I wanted in this deck -- variety. The deck can lock down a game very early, within maybe 3-4 turns, but usually takes a little while to get it won after that.

Kobold Storm -- {R} {G} Storm Combo
about the deck:
| Open
Combo off with no cost creatures and card draw and finish with a huge Grapeshot Storm.
Multani’s Presence + Chalice of the Void (cast for X=0) makes one card draw option;
Mulligan fairly aggressively to get at least 1 Glimpse of Nature or (Multani’s Presence + Chalice of the Void). Play a forest on first turn and don't try to start a combo. Second turn you can start the combo, or wait until you have a second card draw option, or at least the third turn. Two card draw options may or may not see the combo through to completion. Three card draw options will definitely see the combo through to completion. I don't know what else to say -- it may take a little bit of getting used to the strategy, but this deck can win turn 2, and will usually win by turn 4 or 5, but if the combo fizzles it might be lights out.

Thanks to everyone that's worked on and contributed to the community WAD, especially Xander9009, TheFiremind, and others that are heavily involved in the DOTP modding community. Big thanks to Riiak Shi Nal for his deck builder; and thanks to Gibbed for his various tools and things. Without these people, my mod would not have been possible.

| Open

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