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Battlebond development -- 83/85

PostPosted: 17 Jun 2018, 18:11
by Splinterverse
Total cards: 85 + 5 basic lands

# = Coded
* = Tested
- = LQ art
+ = HQ art

CARDS | Open
#+Arcane Artisan
#+Archfiend of Despair
#+Archon of Valor's Reach
#+Arena Rector
#+Aurora Champion
#+Azra Bladeseeker
#+Azra Oddsmaker
#+Blaring Captain
#+Blaring Recruiter
*+Bloodborn Scoundrels
#+Bonus Round
#+Bountiful Promenade
#+Bramble Sovereign
#+Bring Down
#+Bull-Rush Bruiser
#+Chakram Retriever
#+Chakram Slinger
#+Charging Binox
#+Cheering Fanatic
#+Combo Attack
#+Decorated Champion
#+Dwarven Lightsmith
#+Fan Favorite
#+Game Plan
#+Gang Up
#+Generous Patron
#+Gorm the Great
#+Grothama, All-Devouring
+Huddle Up
#+Impetuous Protégé
#+Inner Demon
#+Jubilant Mascot
#+Jungle Wayfinder
#+Khorvath Brightflame
#+Khorvath's Fury
#+Krav, the Unredeemed
#+Last One Standing
#+Lava-Field Overlord
#+Ley Weaver
#+Lore Weaver
#+Luxury Suite
#+Magma Hellion
#+Mindblade Render
#+Morphic Pool
#+Najeela, the Blade-Blossom
#+Nimbus Champion
#+Okaun, Eye of Chaos
#+Out of Bounds
#+Pir, Imaginative Rascal
#+Pir's Whim
#+Play of the Game
#+Proud Mentor
#+Regna, the Redeemer
#+Regna's Sanction
#+Rowan Kenrith
#+Rushblade Commander
#+Saltwater Stalwart
#+Sea of Clouds
#+Sentinel Tower
#+Sickle Dancer
#+Soaring Show-Off
#+Soulblade Corrupter
#+Soulblade Renewer
#+Spellweaver Duo
#+Spire Garden
#+Stadium Vendors
#+Stolen Strategy
#+Stunning Reversal
#+Sylvia Brightspear
*+The Crowd Goes Wild
#+Thrasher Brute
#+Thrilling Encore
#+Together Forever
#+Toothy, Imaginary Friend
#+Vampire Charmseeker
#+Victory Chimes
#+Virtus the Veiled
#+Virtus's Maneuver
#+Will Kenrith
+Zndrsplt, Eye of Wisdom
#+Zndrsplt's Judgment

This set includes a lot of reprints. Those aren't listed here because many of them will have been coded as part of other sets.

Re: Battlebond development -- 44/85

PostPosted: 12 Jun 2019, 11:49
by Splinterverse
Any thoughts on how we can code Assist? (The ability allows any player to pay all or a portion of the colorless cost of the card.) There are 16 cards in Battlebond that have the ability. One of them (Vampire Charmseeker) is in the CW without Assist portion coded.

Re: Battlebond development -- 63/85

PostPosted: 13 Jun 2019, 21:46
by migookman
Would it be possible to give another player a choice to Assist and then that player can tap an amount they want to assist with to create a colourless mana token for each land they tap?

Re: Battlebond development -- 63/85

PostPosted: 14 Jun 2019, 13:06
by Splinterverse
migookman wrote:Would it be possible to give another player a choice to Assist and then that player can tap an amount they want to assist with to create a colourless mana token for each land they tap?
That might work. I'll be interested to hear Xander's thoughts on this one, because I also think we need to somehow represent to the player that with Assist the card can be cast kind of like with convoke.

Re: Battlebond development -- 68/85

PostPosted: 14 Jun 2019, 13:11
by Splinterverse

-- Rowan Kenrith is coded and uploaded, but her third ability is impossible. I added a note to the card's text. Her other two abilities are good and there is the partner component to the card, so I thought it was worth coding the other two abilities at least.

-- I am willing to code Zndrsplt, Eye of Wisdom, but I would need someone to create custom triggers for coin flip win and coin flip loss. Once those have been created, I may also work with other coin flip cards to get the trigger proliferated. Those triggers will also likely enable other coin flip cards that haven't been coded.

-- Once all of the above is done, the only missing card from Battlebond will be Fumble, so if someone could code that, that would be great. It looks a fun and useful card.

Re: Battlebond development -- 84/85

PostPosted: 22 Jul 2019, 20:18
by Splinterverse

The Assist cards have been coded, tested, and uploaded.

Please note: The Assist ability will only work in 2HG mode. Yes, I know the keyword doesn't specify that you need to pick a player on your team, but we have no way to tell opponents what we are targeting with our Assist card (and the bulk of them have no benefit to an opponent). The game does not give us that capability unless we are playing with humans and can tell them via voice chat. The AI would have no clue what we are attempting to do with that card.

If you frequently play free-for-all with human opponents, we can make custom versions of the cards that you can keep in your local files that will open up the ability to negotiate with your friends via voice chat. I don't want to put them into the CW because it will hinder AI play (which I believe to be more common). If someone wants to code a way to check and see how many human players there are and add it to the cards, feel free, but please test and keep the AI limitations in place.

Also, if your teammate is AI, you will be allowed to choose which lands of theirs are tapped since the AI will most likely refuse to assist you and/or tap very little or no lands. The AI will also automatically assist you if the AI is your teammate.

Again, given the amount of AI play that occurs, I think this implementation is a good one. It will keep the AI performing properly.

Re: Battlebond development -- 83/85

PostPosted: 22 Oct 2019, 19:31
by Xander9009
For Assist only working in 2HG, you could also just make it ask any humans, even enemy ones, and leave the Ally AI the way you have it. This way, an enemy AI is never hurt by it, and humans can always make their own choice without the need for another version of the cards. This seems unlikely to really matter too much, but if you find free time and want to give it a shot, you know the code better than I do. I'm glad you got it working because I only just saw this thread.

Zndrsplt, Eye of Wisdom might be tough. Or tedious, more likely. I'll see about looking into it, but no promises on timeliness.