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Missing cards list and discussion

PostPosted: 03 Aug 2019, 11:27
by Splinterverse
The purpose of this thread is to list all cards that are missing from the CW mod and that are considered possible. Impossible cards are listed here.

Split cards are being listed separately because we do have some split cards in the CW, but they're Aftermath cards so we may/may not be able to get other styles of split cards into the CW.

Here's how you can help with this list:
- comment if there is a card not listed that should be
- comment if there is a card listed that isn't actually missing
- code missing cards if you are a modder or want to try
- comment if you think a card (or cards) listed here should actually be considered impossible
- comment if you think a card listed is nearly a 100% match for a card in the CW (because we can use that card to create the missing one)
- comment if you think certain cards listed here are nearly identical (because they may be able to be coded together)
- comment with anything else that you think will help us get the missing cards coded

I will update the OP based on the above over time.


Alive // Well
Armed // Dangerous
Assault // Battery
Assure // Assemble
Beck // Call
Bedeck // Bedazzle
Bound // Determined
Breaking // Entering
Carnival // Carnage
Catch // Release
Collision // Colossus
Connive // Concoct
Consecrate // Consume
Crime // Punishment
Dead // Gone
Depose // Deploy
Discovery // Dispersal
Down // Dirty
Driven // Despair
Expansion // Explosion
Far // Away
Find // Finality
Fire // Ice
Flesh // Blood
Flower // Flourish
Give // Take
Hide // Seek
Hit // Run
Illusion // Reality
Incubation // Incongruity
Insult // Injury
Integrity // Intervention
Invert // Invent
Life // Death
Night // Day
Odds // Ends
Order // Chaos
Pain // Suffering
Profit // Loss
Protect // Serve
Pure // Simple
Ready // Willing
Repudiate // Replicate
Research // Development
Response // Resurgence
Revival // Revenge
Rise // Fall
Rough // Tumble
Spite // Malice
Stand // Deliver
Status // Statue
Supply // Demand
Thrash // Threat
Toil // Trouble
Trial // Error
Turn // Burn
Warrant // Warden
Wear // Tear

TOTAL MISSING CARDS: 326 (including split cards)