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Decks crashing the game

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Decks crashing the game

Postby JudasAce » 20 May 2022, 19:12

Can anyone tell me why these decks would be crashing the game?

Note, I'm using the community wad and Riiak's deckbuilder. I've built about 20 other decks and they've all run fine, but I was building a mono red deck and it kept crashing, so I swapped out cards, tried about 10 different versions, and they kept crashing. So I threw these two together to see what would happen, and they both keep crashing the game when I try to play against the AI with them...I select a deck for myself and the AI, click play and it goes to the loading screen, then crash. Every other deck I've built using the same tools and methods gets through the loading screen and to the actual game just fine.

(These are from the readme files created by Riiak's. I had to delete the card ID's because this forum evidently thinks they are offsite URL's and said my post was "too spammy" for a new user.)

This is the complete card listing for the deck:
4x - Young Pyromancer
4x - Ogre Battledriver
3x - Tibalt, Rakish Instigator
3x - Chandra, Acolyte of Flame
1x - Black Lotus
19x - Mountain
4x - Flame Slash
2x - Devastating Summons
4x - Volcanic Hammer
4x - Chandra’s Pyrohelix
4x - Lightning Bolt
1x - Mox Ruby
1x - Sol Ring
2x - Arc Trail
4x - Wild Slash

This is the complete card listing for the deck:
4x - Ball Lightning
1x - Chandra, Torch of Defiance
4x - Chandra’s Phoenix
4x - Fireblast
4x - Goblin Instigator
4x - Incinerate
4x - Legion Loyalist
4x - Lightning Bolt
4x - Lotus Petal
4x - Mogg Flunkies
17x - Mountain
2x - Raging Goblin
4x - Suq’Ata Lancer
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Re: Decks crashing the game

Postby Eglin » 24 Jul 2022, 15:40

I haven't looked at modding these games for almost ten years, so I'm not going to be of great help... but I can try. The first thing I'd do is look for a log file in the crashed game's working directory. Mother.txt or something, IIRC? If such a thing has been created, it will probably be of great use to you.

Otherwise, from where are the cards sourced? Your creations? Multiple packs from other modders? When I was creating my own cards, the most common source of crashing tended to be from careless token handling. Attempting to use tokens that might not be in play or failing to unregister them after use, perhaps. Even if you're not creating your own cards, you could be introducing issues by mixing mods from multiple users because they might have conflicting schemes.

If you can't narrow it down to a single card followed by a single line of code, you could try making decks with BASIC lands and just a single custom card at a time. It's laborious to work through an entire deck this way, but I think you should be able to eventually find the problematic card.
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