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[fix/closed]Juxtapose AI can't select this-symbol remains

PostPosted: 21 Mar 2017, 15:34
by Aswan jaguar
Describe the Bug:
I cast Juxtapose while AI had 2 creatures with the same highest cmc cost 4 and a creature with 3 cmc.The creature with the lowest cmc that couldn't be selected from AI as it was illegal got a "can't target this" symbol that was never removed from the creature so it couldn't be targeted for the rest of the game.

Which card did behave improperly?

Which update are you using? (date, name)Which type? (duel, gauntlet, sealed deck)
Manalink 2016/08/27: Eldritch Moon v2, duel

What exactly should be the correct behavior/interaction?
Juxtapose: Symbols that are used to prevent illegal selections end as soon as AI makes the choice.

Are any other cards possibly affected by this bug?

Re: Juxtapose AI can't select this-symbol remain forever

PostPosted: 21 Mar 2017, 17:54
by stassy
Also game is stuck when the lowest cmc creature is an artifact when the game ask for a target artifact and player can't target it (and you can't legally cancel since the 1st exchange is already done).


Re: [comfirm]Juxtapose AI can't select this-symbol remain al

PostPosted: 21 Feb 2019, 19:07
by Aswan jaguar
This has already been fixed in dev 778ccb5 version and is now closed.