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March 3 Update (ver 1.0.2)

PostPosted: 03 Mar 2014, 07:36
by ShardFenix
I'm just stopping by to post a little update. I've done a little more work on Multiverse since I released it nearly 5 months ago, but other projects have kept me too busy to work as fast as I usually do.

I have released a major update that adds a draft mode that anybody can use. Unlike the regular server which is limited to devices on your LAN only (legal reasons), anyone who has your IP address can join in a draft game with you. In addition to being able to customize your draft sets, the draft server also automatically builds your deck for you based on the cards you picked, so instead of taking half an hour to build your deck, you just start playing. More details about how it does this can be found on the project wiki's Draft page.

If you'd like to build your deck the old fashioned way, the game also saves every card you drafted to a file in /decks so you can just exit the draft program when all your picks are done, make your deck, then play with your opponent on the regular server.

This update also brought a lot of other minor upgrades and bug fixes, along with a few hundred more playable cards (the running total is currently over 1100).

If you want the new card database, or the draft server for hosting a draft, you'll need to download the assets base again. It can be found here. If you just want the bug fixes and the other minor updates, the launcher will download them automatically when you run it.

Things I'm currently planning and/or working on:
  • Legacy Mode - this engine uses a slightly separate rule set by default (for example, making Instant a supertype instead of a card type), Legacy Mode throws those changes out and gets you as close to tabletop Magic as possible
  • Splice
  • Choice-based replacement effects (basically clones and Dredge)
  • Animated card movements for changing zones etc.
  • Random metagame stuff (win/loss conditions, extra games per match, etc)
  • Making the menu functional (only the audio submenu works)
  • AI / Quest Mode / Challenges
  • Making a youtube demo of some friends playing with me.