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Annotated card image popup

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2014, 13:20
by Lodici

This is gonna need testing!

The idea behind this is to show the affects/abilities on a card in the image popup during a game because depending on your screen size and the number of cards on the battlefield it can be very difficult if impossible to know exactly what is going on. The other goal is to make it easier for us beginners to quickly see how an ability actually works.

So in no particular order of importance here are the main features of the new annotated card popup -

  • You can now specify the size of the popup via new settings in the preferences dialog under the GamePlay -> Images tab. You can scale it to either the default maximum card size of (480 x 680) or to the screen size.
  • If an ability has been associated with an ability icon it will be displayed in the popup on the left-hand side of the card if it has that ability. This is most useful where permanaents have been granted abilities over and above any default abilities (see screenshot above).
  • If you move the mouse cursor over an ability icon it will display the name of the ability and a short description of what it actually does in a tooltip.
  • The popup will now show the effective Power/Toughness with the base P/T beside it in superscript (see screenshot). This kind of works but will look a bit out of place on some card frames - but I still think it is better than nothing at all.
  • Different ability icons sets (currently, for the popup only) can be specified as part of a theme. The above screenshot is using See the Themes wiki page on how to install.
Please note the ability icon tooltips feature will only work with the mouse-wheel popup option. If you use the auto-popup the card will still be annotated but as soon as you move the mouse the card will close.

Re: Annotated card image popup

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2014, 15:20
by Lodici
Latest set of updates starting at 9d9b4c4...

  • Highlight card on mouse-over
  • Improve card popup behaviour during game.
  • New style of ability icons (see screenshot).
  • Mousewheel can be used to close/open popup when auto-popup mode is active.
  • Removed ability icon tooltip feature for the time being as I have yet to find a satisfactory implementation that works consistently for both auto- and manual popup modes.