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Magarena CardBuilder

PostPosted: 20 Apr 2015, 02:01
by ShawnieBoy
Ok, getting too excited now that I've got something to actually show:

First there was the ScriptBuilder, coming soon - CardBuilder:


Taking information from MagicCard, this will build an updated card image, taking into account color/type/pt/text changes. With the added bonus of only requiring Cropped Image downloads.

Work in progress, but progressing nicely

Big thanks to my Builder-buddy once again @Lodici

Re: Magarena CardBuilder

PostPosted: 06 May 2015, 16:34
by ShawnieBoy
Been a fair bit of progress since last I mentioned the cardbuilder, here are some examples of card images generated from within Card Explorer using only cropped images:








Big thanks to Pichoro and Acorntail for their support.

Re: Magarena CardBuilder

PostPosted: 20 Dec 2016, 23:54
by ShawnieBoy
Thought I'd add some info now that cardbuilder is now implemented and functioning in Magarena with regards to crops:

The following sets have no cropped image download from

Magic 2014
Commander 2013
Born of the Gods
Commander 2015
Conspiracy: Take the Crown
Commander 2016

It would seem likely that Kaladesh will have crops released in the future, however with the trend of Commander sets (except Commander 2014 for some reason), Commander 2016 may not.

Of course this will only affect cards that are originally printed in these sets, and not reprinted in later sets.

Numbers displayed in the download images for playable cards also includes token images which do not have crops.