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Mtgdb.Gui: search MTG cards, build decks, manage collection

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Re: Mtgdb.Gui: search MTG cards, build decks, manage collect

Postby rs800 » 22 Jan 2018, 15:04

How about add proxies on foreign languages with crops, fonts and templates?
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Re: Mtgdb.Gui: search MTG cards, build decks, manage collect

Postby hidalgo » 22 Jan 2018, 18:05

rs800 wrote:How about add proxies on foreign languages with crops, fonts and templates?
Do you mean some sort of integration with HQ card generator software?
Like you build the deck in Mtgdb.Gui then somehow tell it use the images from HQ card generator to print the deck?

Because teaching Mtgdb.Gui generate card images itself is too much work, I just could't handle it:
| Open
  1. Figuring out what template image should be used given a card, should depend on card color, border color, maybe set...
  2. Figuring out required font depending on language and card text, which may be non-trivial for ideographic languages korean, japanese and two chinese variations.
  3. Figuring out text and picture layout algorithm depending on card layout: split, aftermath, flip and so on.
  4. Figuring out what fields must be printed on a card, e.g. vanguard cards have additional fields like e.g. Hand: +1, Life: -2

Also as the functionality involves multiple languages it will be hard to me to notice bugs, because I allways use english text.
It has already happened in past, multiple times, I only accidentally noticed partially or completely broken functionality in
non-english languages:
  • Missing some copied characters when pasting text into Search text input in ideographic languages
  • Imrpoper calculation of tooltip size when it displays card text in ideographic languages
  • Imrpoper line breaking when displaying card text or other fields in ideographic languages
  • Improper highlighting searh text in search result matches in ideographic languages

I can suggest another approach to enable printing proxies in non-English languages in Mtgdb.Gui which I can implement and maintain with a reasonable effort:
  1. Download translated images directly from Gatherer just before printing. So internet connection would be required.
  2. Scale the images up by x2 using Waifu2x to improve the quality. It's the same algorithm I use to create zoom images for new sets
    where XLHQ images are still not available. E.g. see CMA set zooms in Mtgdb.Gui, or mega directory with these zooms.

Scaling would take some 15 seconds per unique image because it uses slow neural network-based aprroach.
The downloading / scaling result can be cached so at least you don't have to wait if you already printed the card in the past.
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