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Mtgdb.Gui v 2.0.9

PostPosted: 20 Sep 2017, 16:17
by hidalgo
Fixed collection report (and any other report) unreadility when it cannot be well fit into one screen.
In this case report is zoomed to fit 40 items per screen and a scrollbar is shown.

Mtgdb.Gui v2.1.0 - added Search icon over card text

PostPosted: 20 Sep 2017, 23:02
by hidalgo
When you hover a mouse over card text you can see a Search icon. It is in most cases
followed by Sort icon.

By clicking Search icon you modify the search text.
For example, if you click Search icon over card's mana cost you will see
something like ManaCost: \{5\}\{R\} added to your search
string. As a result the search result will only show cards where mana cost contains {5} {R}

When you add more than one search terms you are ADDING more cards to search result.
This is because when no logical operator such as AND, OR is used it is interpreted
as OR in Lucene query language used in Search text.

By Shift+Clicking Search button you can instead NARROW DOWN search result.
It is achieved by adding terms with '+' operator which is almost equivalent to AND

Mtgdb.Gui v2.1.1

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2017, 02:15
by hidalgo
  • Tooltips on Sort and Search buttons
  • Eliminated the need to rebuild searcg indexes after
    • installing the program first time
    • installing new version with changed data like
      1. cards from
      2. prices
    The overall download size increased from ~40MB to ~70MB. I find it a reasonable
    cost to cutting ~6 minutes of waiting for the program to become fully functional.

    The indexes will still be rebuilt when you download new data yourself using
    update window.

Mtgdb.Gui v2.1.2 - 2.1.3

PostPosted: 25 Sep 2017, 16:18
by hidalgo
Fixed the bug in hiding card duplicates algorithm.
Previously the card was considered duplicate when there were more recently released

This worked ok except when you search by set. In this case many cards from the set are
not shown at all because there is a more recent version in another set.

The fix is to check existence of a more recent version only among other cards that
comply to the search criterion.

In search string curly braces {,} are considered normal word characters

As a result a query ManaCost: \{W\} yields only the cards with ManaCost
exactly equal to {W} instead of cards like {3} {W}, {W} {B} and etc.

To control the precision of the query use * or ?. The query
ManaCost: *\{W\}* will return all cards that contain {W} in their
mana cost.

Consider a query ManaCost: \{B\}???
It returns cards with mana cost beginning with {B} and containing 1 more
mana symbol after: {B} {B}, {B} {R}, and etc.

Mtgdb.Gui v2.1.5 Ixalan, Commander 2017

PostPosted: 27 Sep 2017, 11:07
by hidalgo
Cards from Ixalan

  • Updated data
    • Added Commander 2017, Ixalan sets
    • Updated translations to non-english languages
  • Updated images
    • Added images for Commander 2017, Ixalan sets
    • Improved relevance for many old promo-sets images by manually mapping directories
      from XLHQ Promos Torrent and XLHQ Mega directory promo sets

      NOTE: If you use XLHQ images (instead of images downloaded from Update window)
      you should update etc\Mtgdb.Gui.xml to enjoy more relevant mapping images to cards
      from promo-sets. Use etc\Mtgdb.Gui.xml from as a reference
      You can find .zip in update\ directory or download from
    • Slihtly increased image size in search result and deck to avoid quality loss on
      resizing original images for new sets.

      NOTE: if you have changed image size in etc\Mtgdb.Gui.Display.xml you will have
      to do this again. Use etc\Mtgdb.Gui.Display.xml from as a reference
      You can find .zip in update\ directory or download from
  • Search text
    • Ctrl+F to focus Search input
    • Fixed incorrect Ctrl+X behavior
    • underscore _ is considered normal word character
  • Fixed an issue with replacing Forge images. Old sets in Forge have codes different from
    regular codes from Now when replacing images these custom set codes are taken
    into account.

Mtgdb.Gui v2.1.8

PostPosted: 28 Sep 2017, 10:42
by hidalgo
* Update release notifications in update window
* Dropping deck file from exlorer opens a deck
* Fixed some Forge picture replacement algorithm flaws

Mtgdb.Gui v2.2.5

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2017, 02:42
by hidalgo
new to old help comparison

Replaced plain-text help with locally stored help website which you can explore in your
web-browser. Help website is generated from `.txt` files using Markdown syntax.

In case you need them you can find `.txt` help files in `\help` directory.

Mtgdb.Gui v2.2.6

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2017, 00:10
by hidalgo
Compatibility with MTGO (Magic The Gathering Online)
You can save and load decks and collection in plain-text format created by MTGO.
For details see Mtgdb.Gui help or online wiki
Exporting collection from MTGO

Possibility to save/load collection As you can now import collection from file, as
well as save it, you can in fact switch between several collections e.g. your physical
collection and MTGO collection. You can also easily manipulate your collection outside
Mtgd.Gui because `*.txt` collection format is very simple.

Filter button uncheck behavior was slighlty changed filter to avoid accidentally creating
a filter that excludes all cards by prohibiting all values of a certain property. Previously I
abandoned this approach as it did not work well with filtering by Mana Cost. Now I think I got
the right way to do it.

Mtgdb.Gui v 2.2.9

PostPosted: 16 Oct 2017, 15:36
by hidalgo
Pasting deck from Clipboard text

Added `Paste` menu to window header and corresponding keyboard shortcuts
* `Ctrl`+`V` to create a new deck from Clipboard text
* `Ctrl`+`Shift`+`V` to add cards to an existing deck instead of creating new one

Drag-n-dropping deck text from websites and other applications

Works the same way as pasting.
* Normal `drag-n-drop` to create new deck from dragged text
* `Shift`+`drag-n-drop` to add cards from dragged text to an existing deck

I tested copy-pasting and drag-n-dropping in following websites:

dragging deck from

dragging result

For more illustrated examples check wiki page on the subject.

Mtgdb.Gui v 2.3.0 Supported high DPI

PostPosted: 21 Oct 2017, 19:14
by hidalgo
High DPI

Increasing screen DPI from default `96dpi` you can make Windows applications display larger fonts
and scale up most user interface elements. Now Mtgdb.Gui will scale itself correctly proportional
to DPI and the text will not become blurry as before.

High DPI can be enabled in

Code: Select all
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display
With high DPI you should not use small LQ images, instead use zoomed MQ. To accomplish this
  • do not download small images from `Update` window. Zoomed will be automatically used instead of
    small ones.
  • in case you already downloaded LQ images you may
    • either remove or rename LQ images directory `\images\Mtgdb.Pictures\LQ`
    • or disable using LQ images in `etc\Mtgdb.Gui.xml`:
    Code: Select all
    <ImageLocations> <Directory Path="images\Mtgdb.Pictures\MQ" Zoom="Any" > </ImageLocations>
Fixed keyboard shortcuts

Fixed `Ctrl`+`V` not pasting into search input

Fixed `Enter` not selecting search text intellisense

Search text fields
  • `SubtypesArr` -> `Subtypes`
  • `TypesArr` -> `Types`
  • `SupertypesArr` -> `Supertypes`
  • `Layout` to search for `meld`, `flip`, `aftermath` and etc.
  • `Hand` modifier in Vanguard cards
  • `Life` modifier in Vanguard cards

Mtgdb.Gui v2.3.1

PostPosted: 23 Oct 2017, 16:32
by hidalgo
Fixed missing translations to other languages

Mtgdb.Gui v2.3.4

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2017, 21:51
by hidalgo
Updated Ixalan and Commander 2017 images.
Poor images from were replaced from XLHQ Mega directory.

Fixed a crash on updating images.
I higly recommend updating to 2.3.4 prior to downloading new images.

Mtgdb.Gui v2.3.5

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2017, 20:29
by hidalgo
More clipboard and Drag-n-drop commands.

Helps build deck for Sealed Deck match format in Forge, detais


Added Color field to Statistics charts and Search text

Added new Statistics charts, screenshot

  • deck mana curve / color
  • deck color / type
  • collection color / type

Mtgdb.Gui v2.3.6

PostPosted: 01 Nov 2017, 01:27
by hidalgo
Random hand and mulligan simulation

Sample hand tab was added to the right of Sideboard zone selector. details

Prohibit mode in Filter manager

For example if Filter buttons are in prohibited mode the search result will only
show cards that do not match filter buttons.

Fixed replacing aftermath card images in Forge

In Forge these card images have » separating names.

Mtgdb.Gui v3.1.0.0 alignment in Search result and Deck

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2018, 04:16
by hidalgo
That was bothering me since the very beginning. The problem of laying out cards depending on available horizontal or vertical space.
The solution had to serve two conflicting purposes:

  • reduce large empty horizontal or vertical space when it's just not enough to show one more row or column
  • text or image truncated when the space is considered enough to display almost-entirely-fitting row or column of cards

I was never able to come up with a solution good enough so I would say "that's the right way to do this!".
Eventually I did what I did because I've come to believe ther will be no such silver bullet.

the top right card is truncated

after hitting align button if is fully displayed

When there is excessive space to display the cards, they are aligned by center