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What Software to Use?!

PostPosted: 02 Jan 2017, 02:51
by PsyintZ
Hello fellow Magicians!

After a recent move/relocation into the boonies, I don't have much access to the inter-city anymore and therefore, have been forced into finding ways to entertain myself. Enter Magic the Gathering! A few days ago I stumbled upon this awesome website and within a few minutes, had installed Shandalar. I've been playing ever since! However, yesterday, after looking into "drafting" a bit, I found & installed Forge. Needless to say, I've been having an absolute blast drafting the MTGO Cube format against the AI! This brings to the questions I would like to ask you guys. If any of you are well versed in all of the different Mtg software, there is some information I would be interested in:

(Note: Unfortunately, I am quite short on cash so I am unable to get into 'MTG Online' as much as I would love too. Therefore, I am looking into free/cheap alternatives for the time being)

1) What are the differences between all of the different software options? Specifically the top-tier ones such as Forge, ManaLink 3.0, XMage, MagArena, MtgDoP, MultiVerse & MagicGrove?

2) Which one would be the best/most entertaining for constructed play vs the AI? Both Shandalar and Forge's "Quest Mode" are awesome examples of things I really enjoy. Starting with a small pool of cards, and then challenging the enemy AI in order to win more money/cards to enhance your deck is a great idea and experience. Are there any other modes that are similar to this in any of the other software?

3) Which software is best for limited formats, such as drafting? I am in love with drafting the Vintage/Legacy Cube formats, and Forge seems to have a good mode for drafting this Cube vs the AI, however the AI doesn't exactly play very well. Does any of the other software allow drafting? Specifically Vintage/Legacy Cube? Does any of the software allow for drafting Cube in a multiplayer setting vs other humans?

I am just trying to become familiar with the plethora of software options that are available. If anybody is able to help me get these questions answered, I would be incredibly grateful. Thanks to everybody in advance. I really appreciate this website and all of it's contributors!

Your fellow Magician,

Re: What Software to Use?!

PostPosted: 02 Jan 2017, 05:05
by Aswan jaguar
Very useful info and comparison for most software can be found here:
Besides the release dates that will be off for some of the projects the other info must be fine.

Re: What Software to Use?!

PostPosted: 03 Jan 2017, 03:58
by PsyintZ
Right on. I'll have a look. Thanks Aswan! Appreciate it, bud.