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Botarena 1.36.1 Posted

by battlestar

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Botarena 1.36.1 Posted

Postby FranAvalon » 29 Jan 2012, 18:25


Here is the new BA release. This version brings 166 new cards, mainly from Dark Ascension, but we added a lot of cards from other sets as well. With this new release, BA supports 9191 cards, a nice number.

In this release we implemented Phasing ability and improve some of the previously coded abilities, so the perforance of BA would be better when that cards are used.

Some staples was added as Liliana of The Veil, Fact or Fiction or Distant Melody (for pauper format).

As always a lot of bug fixes was done by us, as you can see on the bug fixes log. Also we updated some cards to new oracle wording.

Here are the app links:

BotArena 1.36.1

Download BotArena 1.36.1

DeckBot 1.36.1 (text based user interface)

Download DeckBot 1.36.1

Here are the list of the people who do possible this release (alphabetically ordered list)



Enjoy ;)

Bug fixes:

- Warrior's Oath and Last chance are sorcery spells now.
- Warrior's Oath, Last Chance and Final Fortune fixed. Now the player lose the game at the end of the extra turn.
- Thraben Sentry transformation can be ignored.
- Filigree Fracture fixed. It doesn't move target cards between players.
- Fixed: Shield of Kaldra, Helm of Kaldra. Now they do Equipement type check.
- Erg Raiders fixed. They are aware of controller's change.
- Instill Energy fixed. It doesn't allow enchanted creature to be tapped as cost when it has summoning sickness. (Text updated too.)
- Delver of Secrets fixed. It reveals the card to all players.
- Reanimated creature dies when Animate dead/Dance of the dead is moved to hand/exile/library/graveyard.
- Groundling Pouncer fixed - its pump ability can be activated only once per turn.
- Fixed Echoing spells, Maelstrom Pulse. They affect the targeted card once, and are canceled, when the target is no longer valid.
- When Animate dead / Dance of the dead comes to the battlefield in other way then casted it's given a correct list of cards to enchant.
- Fastbond fixed. It triggers only on played Land and counts them from the beginning of the turn.
- Careful Consideration fixed. The discard happens correctly now.
- Horn of Greed fixed. It triggers now only on played lands.
- Cards with "Play with the top card of your library revealed" ability don't crash the game anymore when there are no cards left in the library.
- Vendilion Clique fixed. The choices available correctly now.
- Constant Mists fixed. It costs 1G now.
- Fertilid fixed. Its ability activation costs now a +1/+1 counter.
- Fixed: Foresight, Manipulate Fate, One with Nothing. They don't target the player anymore.
- Removing a morphed creature from play doesn't trigger unmorph triggers.
- Shape Anew fixed. It fails when the target becomes illegal.
- Mirror Golem fixed. It uses targeting now, not subject selection.
- Fixed: Wound Reflection, Bloodchief Ascension to not select players.
- Eternity Vessel fixed. It doesn't use a trigger when entering play.
- Bump of the Night's flashback cost fixed.
- Fixed Graveyard Shovel.
- Coffin Puppets cost fixed.
- Fixed: Bloodstoke Howler, Birthing Pod. They use correct card filters now.
- Tunnel Ignus fixed. It triggers only on non-first land.
- Future Sight Spellshapers and Kher Keep produce tokens now, not real card versions.
- Krovikan Horror fixed. Its first ability triggers every turn and doesn't cost anything.
- Double Name cards should give much less problems when changing under Life/Toughness boost.
- Frightful Delusion fixed. The discard is unconditional.
- UnMorph now skips stack.
- Ponder fixed. The draw happens after the optional shuffle.
- Woodlurker Mimic fixed. It doesn't have Wither all the time.
- Sunburst doesn't use trigger anymore.
- Life of the Loam fixed. Now you can select zero lands.
- Fixed Lifesmith. It triggers only on controller's spells.
- Fixed Oath of Druids. It uses targeting now.
- Firemaw Kavu fixed. Now triggers when it dies.
- Ulvenwald Mystics/Primordials regeneration ability fixed.
- Contested War Zone, Duergar Mine-Captain, Faerie Noble, Ghost Tactician, Goblin Lookout, Goblin Soothsayer, Orc General, Pendelhaven Elder, Stampede Driver, Squirrel Wrangler, Sunscape Master, and Thunderscape Master can be activated several times in the same turn.
- Fixed Homura, Human Ascendant. It is now 4/4.
- Fixed some half-down and half-up cards.
- Fixed Hypergenesis and Eureka. Planeswalkers can be put onto the battlefield by their effect.
- Fixed Beast Within. It no longer allows to target a player.
- Fixed Living Wish. Now it doesn't take half of your life.
- Nucklavee's toughness fixed.
- Steady Progress fixed. Now you draw the card after you proliferate.
- Garruk the Relenless fixed: now properly trigger when loosing counters due to redirected damage.
- Animated Gideon Jura fixed - now also loose counters in addition to life loss.
- Lashwrithe can no longer be equipped on multiple creatures.
- Fixed: Oran-Rief, the Vastwood; Novijen, Heart of Progress. They check now correctly "this turn".
- Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer fixed - now doesnt grant defender.
- Living Weapon fix - now doesn't give boost when destroyed/bounced before the resolution of it's ability.
- Marsh Casualties use targeting now.
- Gutwrencher Oni now always triggers and only looks for Ogres when its ability resolves.
- Mycoloth now always triggers and only counts counters when its ability resolves.
- Fixed: Orcish Squatters Avatar; Eladamri, Lord of Leaves Avatar. They trigger now properly.
- Flame-Kin War Scout fixed.
- Exploding Borders now targets properly.
- Primitive Etchings fixed. Now only triggers on the first card drawn.
- Spitemare works as it must.
- Fledgling Mawcor's ability can't be used if it is morphed.

Other changes:

- Fixed some typos
- Updated to new rules: Earthlore, Tourach's Gate, Marsh Viper.

Cards added:

Alara Reborn: Defiler of Souls

Apocalypse: Prophetic Bolt, Whirlpool Drake, Whirlpool Rider, Whirlpool Warrior

Archenemy: Torrent of Souls

Champions of Kamigawa: Hisoka, Minamo Sensei; Kiku, Night's Flower

Commander: Fact or Fiction, Prophetic Bolt, Stitch Together

Dark Ascension: Archangel's Light, Archdemon of Greed, Artful Dodge, Bar the Door, Black Cat, Bone to Ash, Break of Day, Briarpack Alpha, Burden of Guilt, Burning Oil, Chant of the Skifsang, Chill of Foreboding, Chosen of Markov, Crushing Vines, Dawntreader Elk, Death's Caress, Deranged Outcast, Diregraf Captain, Divination, Drogskol Captain, Drogskol Reaver, Elgaud Inquisitor, Erdwal Ripper, Evolving Wilds, Executioner's Hood, Faithless Looting, Falkenrath Aristocrat, Falkenrath Torturer, Farbog Boneflinger, Fires of Undeath, Flayer of the Hatebound, Fling, Forge Devil, Gather the Townsfolk, Geralf's Messenger, Geralf's Mindcrusher, Ghoultree, Gravepurge, Gravetiller Wurm, Grim Backwoods, Grim Flowering, Griptide, Harrowing Journey, Havengul Fengraf, Havengul Runebinder, Headless Skaab, Heckling Fiends, Hellrider, Highborn Ghoul, Hollowhenge Beast, Increasing Ambition, Increasing Confusion, Increasing Devotion, Increasing Savagery, Kessig Recluse, Krallenhorde Killer, Lambholt Elder, Lingering Souls, Pyreheart Wolf, Ray of Revelation, Gravecrawler, Hunger of the Howlpack, Markov Blademaster, Markov's Servant, Markov Warlord, Midnight Guard; Mikaeus, the Unhallowed; Mondronen Shaman, Moonscarred Werewolf, Moonveil Dragon, Mystic Retrieval, Nearheath Stalker, Nephalia Seakite, Niblis of the Breath, Niblis of the Mist, Niblis of the Urn, Predator Ooze, Ravenous Demon, Reap the Seagraf, Relentless Skaabs, Requiem Angel, Russet Wolves, Sanctuary Cat, Saving Grasp, Scorch the Fields, Scorned Villager, Screeching Skaab, Secrets of the Dead, Shattered Perception, Shriekgeist, Sightless Ghoul, Silverclaw Griffin, Silverpelt Werewolf, Skillful Lunge, Skirsdag Flayer, Somberwald Dryad, Sorin, Lord of Innistrad, Stormbound Geist, Strangleroot Geist, Stromkirk Captain, Talons of Falkenrath; Thalia, Guardian of Thraben; Thought Scour, Thraben Heretic, Torch Fiend, Tovolar's Magehunter, Tower Geist, Tracker's Instincts, Tragic Slip, Undying Evil, Vault of the Archangel, Vengeful Vampire, Vorapede, Wakedancer, Wild Hunger, Wolfbitten Captive, Wolfhunter's Quiver, Wrack with Madness, Young Wolf, Zombie Apocalypse

Eventide: Antler Skulkin, Cauldron Haze, Crackleburr, Idle Thoughts, Light from Within

Fifth Dawn: Dawn's Reflection, Solarion, Spinal Parasite

Five: Funeral March

Guildpact: Wurmweaver Coil

Homelands: Funeral March

Ice Age: Chaos Lord

Innistrad: Gruesome Deformity, Liliana of the Veil

Invasion: Fact or Fiction

Lorwyn: Needle Drop, Thousand-Year Elixir

Magic 2012: Primordial Hydra, Skinshifter

Mercadian Masques: Bifurcate, Wave of Reckoning

Mirage: Merfolk Raiders, Mist Dragon, Reality Ripple, Sandbar Crocodile, Teferi's Drake, Teferi's Isle

Morningtide: Coordinated Barrage, Distant Melody, Luminescent Rain, Pack's Disdain, Roar of the Crowd

New Phyrexia: Chained Throatseeker, Corrupted Resolve, Phyrexian Swarmlord

Onslaught: Profane Prayers

Planar Chaos: Cradle to Grave, Tidewalker

Ravnica: City of Guilds: Brainspoil

Rise of the Eldrazi: Hedron Matrix

Shadowmoor: Cauldron of Souls, Din of the Fireherd, Ember Gale, Kulrath Knight, Rattleblaze Scarecrow, Torrent of Souls, Wingrattle Scarecrow

Stronghold: Mogg Bombers

Tempest: Shocker, Skyshroud Condor, Winds of Rath

Visions: Breezekeeper, Rainbow Efreet, Teferi's Honor Guard

Weatherlight: Fungus Elemental, Mwonvuli Ooze, Tolarian Drake

Tokens: Human, Elemental2949, Power Pump Emblem, Vampire2950
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Re: Botarena 1.36.1 Posted

Postby Jean le Chauve » 30 Jan 2012, 10:34

Hello, I am Belgian and I thank you for your excellent work.
Jean le Chauve
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Re: Botarena 1.36.1 Posted

Postby FranAvalon » 30 Jan 2012, 13:41

Thank you. We are delighted that you like it :)
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