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BotArena 1.37.1 Posted

by battlestar

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BotArena 1.37.1 Posted

Postby FranAvalon » 29 Feb 2012, 22:04

Hi all.

We are finished one month more and here is the new release 1.37.1. This one brings only a few cards, only 28. However, we think that the quality of the added cards is very high because some staple cards was added as for example Geist of Saint Traft and Huntmaster of the Fells for Legacy, Modern and Standard, Turnabout which enables High Tide deck and Grave Scrabbler and Skarrgan Pit-Skulk will do happy pauper players.

Also, a few bugs was fixed too as you can see on the log list.

And now the most important. Here are the download links for BotArena and DeckBot.

Botarena 1.37.1 download link:

Download Botarena 1.37.1

If you have a previous version of BA installed, you can download this file, uncompress it doing double click on it, and overwrite files on Botarena folder.

Download Botarena 1.37.1 update

DeckBot 1.37.1 download link (text based UI)

Download DeckBot 1.37.1

Here are the lists of the people who do possible this release (alphabetically ordered list)



Enjoy ;)

BotArena 1.37.1 changelog:

Card bug fixes:
- Oath of Druids fixed. Revealing can be ignored now.
- Oath of Scholars fixed. It uses proper targeting now.
- Archangel's Light fixed. It no longer shuffles itself into the library.
- Skeletal Snake fixed. It costs 1B now.
- Khalni Hydra fixed. It's cost is reduced correctly now.
- Deals damage to itself modifier/cards fixed - now damage wears off in the end of the turn.
- Tariel, Reckoner of Souls fixed - now gets creature properly.
- Arrogant Bloodlord will not trigger twice when is blocked anymore.
- Wurmcoil Engine fixed to give tokens to the last controller.
- Diregraf Captain willn't give First strike anymore.
- Quest for Renewal fixed. Now it only untaps creatures.
- Khabál Ghoul fixed. It puts the counters on itself now.
- Sorin, Lord of Innistrad emblem crash fixed.
- Leonin Abunas, Hanna's Custody, Energy Flux, Kataki, War's Wage willn't crash the game anymore during AI's main phase thinking time.
- Fixed Vapor Snag. Now creature's controller lose 1 life, not 3.
- Forecast second upkeep issue fixed.
- Transform fixes: token cannot transform, cards are not transformed in graveyard.
- Fixed Akroma's Memorial. Now it grants Pro-black too.
- Suspend AI freecast fixed.
- High Tide/ Bubbling Muck fixed. Now affects lands played after this spell was casted and recast it has effect.
- Pendelhaven Elder fixed. It was affecting all creatures with power 1.
- Sokenzan Renegade fixed. It now triggers when its controller has the most cards in hand.

Other changes:

- Added DKA to Modern, Extended, Standard and Innistrad Block formats.
- Fixed some typos.
- Update to Oracle text, cards using "Hexproof"

Cards added:

Arabian Nights: Ghazbán Ogre

Dark Ascension: Alpha Brawl, Blood Feud, Elbrus, the Binding Blade, Huntmaster of the Fells, Immerwolf, Ravager of the Fells, Withengar Unbound

Exodus: Oath of Ghouls, Oath of Lieges, Oath of Mages

Five: Ghazbán Ogre

Future Sight: Grave Scrabbler

Guildpact: Battering Wurm, Skarrgan Pit-Skulk

Innistrad: Burning Vengeance, Daybreak Ranger, Geist of Saint Traft, Nightfall Predator, Prey Upon

Mercadian Masques: Tectonic Break

Nemesis: Dominate

Onslaught: Contested Cliffs

Rise of Eldrazi: Aura Gnarlid

Shadowmoor: Fate Transfer, Gloomlance, Gloomwidow's Feast

Ten: Citanul Flute

Torment: Far Wanderings

Urza's Saga: Citanul Flute, Turnabout, Wild Dogs

Visions: Triangle of War
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