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BotArena 1.38.1 Posted

by battlestar

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BotArena 1.38.1 Posted

Postby FranAvalon » 31 Mar 2012, 19:40

Hi all.

Last day of this month and here is the new release 1.38.1. This one brings very few cards, just seven. We are busy with our real life so I think that no new releases will be released in short/medium time. I hope that I am wrong. If you like coding, and want participate on this project, let me know.

Also, a few bugs was fixed too as you can see on the log list.

And now the most important. Here are the download links for BotArena and DeckBot.

Botarena 1.38.1 download link:

Download Botarena 1.38.1

If you have a previous version of BA installed, you can download this file, uncompress it, and overwrite files on Botarena folder.

Download Botarena 1.38.1 update

DeckBot 1.38.1 download link (text based UI)

Download DeckBot 1.38.1

Here are the lists of the people who do possible this release (alphabetically ordered list)



Enjoy ;)

BotArena 1.38.1 changelog:

Cards added:

Dark Ascension: Grafdigger's Cage

Fifth Dawn: Doubling Cube

Judgment: Riftstone Portal

M10: Warp World

Mirrodin: Glissa Sunseeker

Ravnica: Warp World

Ten: Doubling Cube, Warp World

Urza's Saga: Brand, Planar Birth

Card bug fixes:

- Dwarven Shrine fixed. Now it deals damage to the correct player.
- Rune-Scarred Demon will not reveal the searched card anymore.
- Summoning Trap now lets you choose no cards.
- Fixed Overgrowth. Now adds two green mana.
- Increasing Confusion fixed. Now it mills the cards.
- Homeward Path fixed. Mana cost on second ability removed.
- Fixed Takklemaggot. Now it doesn't have two options to cast it, and it doesn't crash the game.
- Fixed Painter's Servant.
- Fixed Skinshifter. It doesn't die at the end of turn, when it uses its own ability and get some non lethal damage.
- Fixed Dream Leash. Targeted permanent must be tapped instead untapped.

Other changes:

Fixed typos.
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