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Folks, this isn't dead

PostPosted: 02 Apr 2014, 20:23
by VladVoivode
While it certainly isn't as extensive or feature laden as Forge, Manalink, or BotArena, I did see a recent update for MagMa2. It seems that their development cycle is erratic and longer than BotArena but, it's not retired.

I have no connection to MagMa. This part of the forum made me curious and I checked, and MagMa2 received a recent update.


Re: Folks, this isn't dead

PostPosted: 04 Apr 2014, 23:55
by Huggybaby
Thanks Vlad.

The only reason this forum is in The Retirement Home is because nobody used it for a couple of years. As you can see however the forum isn't locked so if people want to talk about MagMa that would be great and I'll move this forum back up.