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Top Ten Wishlist

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Re: Top Ten Wishlist

Postby votan » 21 Feb 2014, 17:54

There are 3 cards I'd like to see made:
Thespian's Stage
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Re: Top Ten Wishlist

Postby Meloku » 07 Mar 2014, 12:22

Hello. I'd would like to add Threaten and Price of Glory to the wishlist.
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Re: Top Ten Wishlist

Postby Brewin » 22 Apr 2014, 12:48

Hi there,

Pretty much everything I could have wished for is already here, but I have managed to find just a *couple* of cards I miss (I'm sure I could find others but this will do for now):

(1) Rootwater Thief (the guy who made this card certainly has his detractors, but it's a cool card with no real equivalent in the current game - the closest I could find is Thada Adel, Acquisitor - which still isn't really that similar anyway)

(2) Spectral Shift (even though judging from the bug reports for Mind Bend, Magical Hack and Sleight of Mind, the AI won't know how to handle it)

Cheers (and thanks for this offer!)
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Re: Top Ten Wishlist

Postby Numeral » 11 Jul 2014, 22:51

I would like to request the card Spiraling Embers, thank you for your time.
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Re: Top Ten Wishlist

Postby lujo » 26 Oct 2015, 03:37

Hi, I've been sorting out the pool and the decks for Shandalar and there's a large lack of supply of red and blue cards you can give to the AI in a below 20 lives format. Or general support for otherwise interesting mechanics. Stuff that got into manalink is mostly of the "playable in constructed" variety and this is giving me a headache. If I can help in any way to get these cards into Manalink so that they can be ported into Shandalar, I would:

1. Zap
2. Jolt
3. Song of Blood
4. Despoil
5. Aven Fogbringer
6. Reviving Dose
7. Afflict
8. Agent of Shauku
9. Sandstone Deadfall
10. Pardic Firecat

I have about... 300 more. Off the top of my head. How do I help? I can write a paragraph or two on each of these, what they're similar to and what they're for, too.

My Shandalar deck pack folder is avaliable here:Dropbox
Leave feedback on particular decks here: Google doc
Ask for instructions, give feedback and complaints here: Thread
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Re: Top Ten Wishlist

Postby megic » 13 Jan 2017, 13:57

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Re: Top Ten Wishlist

Postby counterspell15 » 05 Jul 2017, 08:07

My only request: I need please those three cards:

Circular Logic (Torment)
Thunderbreak Regent (Dragons of Tarkir)
Jace, Vryn's Prodigy // Jace, Telepath Unbound (Magic Origins)

I would be immensely happy to have just one of those three cards in the next update.
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