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Forge Adventure mode like Shandalar

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Re: Forge Adventure mode like Shandalar

Postby griffin2 » 06 May 2022, 14:23

Please, i dont have much time and i basicaly downloaded the game and played adventure, what are those SNAPSHOTS that add bosses and how to install them? Do they change the rest of the difficulty? Iam using android.
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Re: Forge Adventure mode like Shandalar

Postby Daspien » 21 Jun 2022, 13:37

Suggestions / Recommendations:

1. Since we can choose which color to start, perhaps we can also choose the race and class. This will perhaps be the basis of the starting deck, a bonus on the P/T of creature cards of the same color/race/class as yours or your starting health, etc.

2. Skill tree which includes maximum/minimum deck size, reduced cost or creature abilities to promote different playstyles

3. Quests that rewards rare/mythic cards that cannot be purchased in stores.

4. Character reputation to distinguish what cards are sold in stores. And reduce the amount of stores but increase the cards on sale.

5. An option to sell cards that are more than 4. Selling one by one is time consuming.

6. Instead of a map distinguished by its color, how about using town names which can be used to identify what sets are sold. With this, players can focus on where to look for a specific card instead of hoping for one in a single area that has less than 1% chance of a card appearing because of the large card pool.

7. NPCs to help players on different objectives or acts as helpers for those who are lost and have no idea how to proceed.

8. Encounters that require a specific card and/or color/s so that you won't be dependent on a single deck all through out the game. This further engages the player to be creative.

9. Equipping equipments that also start in the match much like how the mox amulets works that are rewarded by defeating a boss. Exanple, a lightning greaves for feet slot that lets you stsrt with the same card at the start of every match.


1. Random crashes

2. Collision/phasing issues

These are just what's on the top of my head. Based on what i can see so far, window shopping is the major part of the game next only to random encounters since i can just save/load next to a boss building to farm gold.

Right now, i'm using a 40-card red deck composed of trample,haste creatures like ball lightning and can possibly finish an encounter within 3 turns.

For bosses, I use a simic control deck full of counterspells and bounce cards or a Sanguine Bond/Exquisite Blood combo. Manual infinite combos are a pain to do so i scrapped that for auto-yield infinite combis instead.
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