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Forge Frequently Asked Questions (Forge FAQ)

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Forge Frequently Asked Questions (Forge FAQ)

Postby Chris H. » 21 Sep 2013, 21:10

Below are a list of links to messages in the Forge Forum that contain answers to various frequently asked questions.

Getting Forge to Run

I have Java 7 installed on my Mac but Forge still does not run.

Where can I find a version of Forge that will run under Java 6?

Forge Crash Resolutions

Game Startup crashes when it gets to "Loading Quest"

Inside Forge

What's the best way to report bugs for Forge?

How do I navigate back to a previous screen?

The Deck Editor/Match screen layout is all messed up.

The title bar of the Forge widow appears to be hidden behind the OS title bar. What should I do?

How do cards with "play with the top card of your library" work?

What happens to the mana produced by Wild Growth during cost payment?

How do I assign my commander?


How do I download card pictures using Forge?

What is the difference between "Download LQ Pictures" and "Download LQ Set Pictures"? Should I use both?

Forge states that there are pictures that are available to download but they fail to do so.

Are there any HQ images available?

Can I manually download pictures outside of Forge? How?

I have manually downloaded the pictures. Where do I save them so that they are visible to Forge?

How do I store my card images in a different location?


Where do we download snapshot builds from now?

It appears that Forge doesn't have the card <Some Card Forge Doesn't Have>. When will it have it? Can I make card requests?

When does Forge release <the next set that's about to be released>

"Your post looks too spammy for a new user, please remove off-site URLs"
Unfortunately, the Forge Dev team has no control over the slightly magic forums. Users that haven't posted 5 times are restricted access to certain features to alleviate the numerous spam bots that come along on the forums. This is a bit inconvenient for attempting to post bug reports early on, as the java error codes gets picked up as a url-like. Once you get to 5, you should be able to post without restriction which will make bug reporting easier.
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