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Feature Requests Thread

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Re: Feature Requests Thread

Postby joey4track » 29 Nov 2020, 17:59

I've requested before for a way to upscale the UI because I play on a 4K monitor but I just recently found a janky way to upscale the UI and I just thought I would share it in case there are any other 4K players who are also straining their eyes.

This only works if you have a dual monitor setup and one has to be lower resolution than the other. But if you turn off your 4K monitor and open Forge on the other low res monitor, wait for it to open completely and then turn back on your 4K monitor and drag Forge back to the 4K. All the text/UI elements will be upscaled. Hope this is helpful to someone!
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Re: Feature Requests Thread

Postby Stampedo » 06 Dec 2020, 00:06

I don't know if it was requested before, but volume control for music and SFX would be great.
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Re: Single Game Matches for Commander

Postby Nickel97 » 12 Dec 2020, 17:02

Marek14 wrote:
Nickel97 wrote:Hi, Love Forge MTG.

I have looked around a little and can't seem to find out if Single Game Matches are an option. If not, I'd like to request that feature.

Commander games are almost never played in a "Best-of-X" format, especially not multiplayer. It would be really nice to have a setting to just have the winner of the game be the winner of the match and not have to play until one player wins two games.
Try "Best-of-X" with X=1.
Where in the interface does one find the ability to set the "Best-of" ?
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Re: Feature Requests Thread

Postby er00ic » 06 Feb 2021, 03:34

MVRS98 wrote:What about the option to play the draft mode online against friends. Since i like this mode the most it would be great to play against friends
Second this, or at least being able to play limited decks in the online mode. Even if I have to draft vs bots or make a sealed deck, save it, and then load it to play against a real person I think it would be a nice feature.
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Re: Feature Requests Thread

Postby guyfromcroswell » 13 Feb 2021, 04:32

How about a Win/Loss counter for your decks? Something on the side of the screen when making or choosing a deck that shows the total wins/losses. Maybe even a version history where you save a change in the deck and the counter resets to 0, but you can still see the previous version's wins/losses. I think it would be great for play testing.
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Re: Feature Requests Thread

Postby MrHyena » 28 Feb 2021, 02:06

For Quest Mode:
-Can we get a way to convert from Commander format to other formats and/or vice versa within the same Quest save? It'd be real fun to play a Standard Quest run for a while, build up a collection from nothing, then take that and build a commander deck out of to do commander matches.

-Can we also get more of WotC's Preconstructed decks for Quest mode? Its real fun starting with one and working way up.

-Commander-specific challenges for Commander mode could be fun!
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