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Feature Requests Thread

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Re: Feature Requests Thread

Postby Jessica » 20 Feb 2019, 18:42

Currently supported card list:

Wouldn't it be great if there existed a button in Forge to export a 'currently supported card list' to some file format like HTML or TXT?
This list could show all supported cards in Forge, sorted by set/expansion (using the well known folder names like "4E", ...)

This card list could be used for several purposes (checking if you have all HQ card images, ...).

I don't think there is a way now to see which cards are supported.
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Re: Feature Requests Thread

Postby peepser » 06 Mar 2019, 15:50

Xirious wrote:So I really am impressed by Forge.

I would like a way to view the board state after I win/lose a match (unless there is a way that I'm unaware of).

I would also love to contribute to the Android/Desktop synching effort. I'm a developer and I've worked with Android/Java before. My guess would be to sync it to a Google account on both sides.
Yes, this would be great. I often like to see what the final life totals are but you can’t see them because the screen is blacked out.
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Re: Feature Requests Thread

Postby Kiryu666 » 10 Mar 2019, 23:35

More options for Momir !!!!! (limit drop,format etc) [-o<

and that Momir is again compatible with archenemy once was but now apparently does not work anymore :mrgreen:
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Re: Feature Requests Thread

Postby AStrangerIsHere » 13 Mar 2019, 11:56

It would be cool to have an option to quit a match without having to concede.
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Re: Feature Requests Thread

Postby vilq » 13 Mar 2019, 20:38

Is there any chance to introduce timeout for AI decisions? I use Forge to playtest EDH decks and when the boardstate is well developed it takes way to long time for AI to... well - very often - do nothing except passing priority. 30s timeout with passing priority as default action would be nice because now I often have to wait couple minutes before I can do the next thing.
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Re: Feature Requests Thread

Postby Nanashi » 17 Mar 2019, 03:56

Can duplicate tokens with summoning sickness not be in same pile as tokens without it OR the ones without it be on the top? It's really annoying on Android to equip/enchant a token that can attack this turn (need to zoom in, then out).

edit: Not a request, but I just saw the AI use an effect that would sacrifice its Cage of Hands ed commander at the start of their next turn (forget the card but Hazoret the Fervent's deck had it), presumably so it could cast them again. This would be impressive AI with any other lockdown ability and sacrifice, but Cage of Hands lets you withdraw it on your turn so I could just play it again. Not that it mattered, since I was an attack away from winning the match when the AI pulled that.
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Re: Feature Requests Thread

Postby psly4mne » 18 Mar 2019, 16:39

It would be nice to have an option for the London mulligan rule.
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