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Adding other formats to Forge

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Adding other formats to Forge

Postby torridus » 25 Feb 2017, 03:34

I figured out how to do it (\res\blockdata\formats.txt) but I have a question:

Is there a way to exclude reprints?

For instance, 93/94 format looks like this:

Code: Select all
[Old School]
Banned:Amulet of Quoz; Bronze Tablet; Contract from Below; Darkpact; Demonic Attorney; Jeweled Bird; Rebirth; Tempest Efreet; Timmerian Fiends
Restricted:Ancestral Recall; Balance; Black Lotus; Black Vise; Braingeyser; Channel; Chaos Orb; Demonic Tutor; Library of Alexandria; Mana Drain; Maze of Ith; Mind Twist; Mishra's Workshop; Mox Emerald; Mox Jet; Mox Pearl; Mox Ruby; Mox Sapphire; Recall; Regrowth; Shahrazad; Sol Ring; Strip Mine; Time Vault; Time Walk; Timetwister; Wheel of Fortune
When I use the Deck Editor filter (after editing formats.txt) it shows me reprints from other sets (VMA, EMA, Commander sets, etc). I'd like to have it so ONLY the eligible sets (LEA, LEB, 2ED, ARN, ATQ, LEG, DRK) show up in the Deck Editor. Forge does this if I set the filter manually (Filter -> Sets -> Choose Sets) but, with only the information in formats.txt, Forge shows everything.

I've poked around Forge's files but don't see an obvious way to make it do what I want.
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Re: Adding other formats to Forge

Postby friarsol » 25 Feb 2017, 14:42

No that's not the way any other editions work. New code would have to be written to handle that case.
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