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Quest - User Built Worlds

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Quest - User Built Worlds

Postby ryansace » 01 May 2017, 07:04


Is there anywhere I can find a full list of user build / pre-built quest Worlds?

I've made an Invasion block world I'm willing to share, just wondering if there is a central location of already built ones I'm missing!
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Re: Quest - User Built Worlds

Postby Voda » 01 May 2017, 09:42

Hi ryansace,

Although it has not been used for a while, quest worlds are usually shared in the World Deck Development Thread (viewtopic.php?f=48&t=9457&start=150). People have been posting custom worlds in other places recently, but I would say it is best practice to post it in this thread. Don't worry about the visibility, most active Forge forum users won't miss it.

And please write some useful description along with your download link !

- Voda
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Re: Quest - User Built Worlds

Postby Voda » 01 May 2017, 09:46

But if you want some links to some user built quest worlds I might have what you need. I've been gathering info and links on them and I can share what I have here (please note that this is not an exhaustive list at all) :

Jamuraa : made by Rumble BBU ( ... le&u=15077), not much info, have been here since january 2013

Most of the quest referring to old sets of magic were created by Xyx ( ... le&u=19581).
The Domains: The Golden Age of Magic (Limited Edition Beta)
Rabiah (Arabian Nights)
Terisiare: The Brothers' War (Antiquities)
Dominaria: Legends (Legends)
Terisiare: The Dark (The Dark)
Sarpadia (Fallen Empires)
Terisiare: Ice Age (Ice Age, Alliances)
Homelands (Homelands)
Jamuraa: The Mirage Wars (Mirage, Visions)
Portal (Portal)

Here is his world's folder from 11/05/2014 : ... 75#p152058)
Some description : ... 60#p149447
Introduction : ... 22#p197882

Portal : by Xyx. Added to the official release in 1.5.60
Presented 01/02/2017 in ... 75#p209544
"It's 1997 and Magic has become the most elaborately complex game on the planet. In an attempt to make the game accessible to a wider audience, Wizards of the Coast releases Magic's first "Starter level" product: Portal, a set of simple cards with generic fantasy flavor. Fortunately, "simple" and "generic" do not automatically translate to "dumb" or "bland". Portal is quite elegant in its simplicity, visually distinct, with resonant top-down card design. It is both AI-friendly and beginner-friendly, but because it is not immediately apparent what all the good cards and decks are, it is also "experienced-player-friendly". If you ever want to introduce a friend to Magic and/or Forge, you could do a lot worse than send them on a Portal quest!"

Theros : also made by Xyx (original post, 09/05/2014 : ... 75#p152010 ; update 06/06/2014 : ... 05#p153680). Upgraded with challenges (about Gods) by Rooger ( ... 35#p162405), but has to be tested

Innistrad : made by Kizanko (original post 18/08/2014, updated 17/11/2014 : ... 05#p158385) from original Innistrad block, look through the topic to see the developpement (a lot of ai-friendly card replacing related stuff). 15 easy opponents, 12 medium, 9 hard, 6 challenges. A bit personnal (the medium opponents are mostly decks Kizanko built while playtesting in his world that could easily beat easy opponents). Not in official releases.

Mirrodin : presented by Serrasmurf ( ... 35#p168960)
11 easy opponents, 17 medium, 19 hard, 2 very hard & 4 challenges. Read the post to see some preferences setting advices.
Includes both Mirrodin blocks (and nothing else). Some opponents not from Magic universe (e.g. Wall-E)
Included in official releases (from ~27/11/2014)

Mad world : a compilation by hurloon of some big heap of netdecks ( ... 50#p176496). Just fun mod to explore but not much of a playable one.

Ravnica : from both blocks, but without dragon's maze (12/11/15 ... 50#p188723)
Developped by serrasmurf ( ... ile&u=5069)
First post 14/02/2013 : ... 15#p110015
Maj 01/03/2013 : ... 30#p111308

Zendikar : originally, from first bloc only (original post, 25/03/2017 : ... 60#p149077). Some cards from other sets, and opponents from outside Magic (Robocop, Borg...).
Developped by serrasmurf ( ... ile&u=5069)
Some insigthful feedback from Xyx (30 matches, 2 challenges : ... 60#p149377), response from serrasmurf ( ... 60#p149430)
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Re: Quest - User Built Worlds

Postby Seravy » 02 May 2017, 09:16

I posted an Urza world here last week : viewtopic.php?f=26&t=14184&start=375
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