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Weird update behaviour question (Android)

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Weird update behaviour question (Android)

Postby CptKird » 15 Feb 2019, 12:37


I'm using Forge for Android regularly for at least two years now and just recently encountered something strange:

Usually, on startup, Forge checks online for a new version and ask you to update or ignore and usually I updated this way.

I noticed an increased instability and lag in the app for the past few versions up to the point that I couldn't even finish the actual booster _drafting_ with the current (1.6.20) version, it crashed to homescreen three times in a row(!). Which finally rendered it unusable for me... :(

So I went back and read the new version post once again and found something which seemed to confirm my suspicions: that those instabilities and crashes seem to origin from the Forge "data" contents, after those many updates.
Problem was, I only had one full backup of the Forge folder, but hopelessly ancient.
And with each update the "data" contents will be updated as well, as they should, so I couldn't just install an older Forge version, while having the "newer" data contents...

But in the above mentioned new version post I found this:

And there were the corresponding Forge folder contents for each of these versions provided as!!! :D

This is what I did:
- Uninstalled Forge completely
- (re)moved the internal "Forge" folder
- installed 1.6.20 (without launching it)
- copied the contents to an (empty) internal Forge folder
- launched Forge and "ignored" the "Need to download additional files" option

And guess what:

Not only ran it smoother, I finished the draft session without crashes, edited my deck, played the first few rounds... etc.

And all within the same session! :shock:

So in short, my question would be two-fold:

- If there _are_ known issues when updating via app on launch, why enforce it? Why not chose what seems to be the most "clean" way of updating (manually)?

- Why am I still being asked to download additional files? What is missing from the contents of "" and is it important?

Because if no one reasonably objects, I'll update manually from now on :mrgreen:

Much, much more stable and smoother Forge experience, at least here :D

Thanks and all the best!
Cpt. Kird
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