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Astral set missing? Isnt it strange?

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Astral set missing? Isnt it strange?

Postby verdealex79 » 18 Feb 2019, 21:37

Hi guys, the Astral set is not supported by Forge, is it? Those 12 cards that were created appositely for the Microprose digital game... ... eswalkers/

If so, is it a design choice - since they are not phisical cards - or simply they are difficult to code?

I am absolutely overwhelmed by how good Forge has become and by the tremendous work and care it has received by passionate developers.. so I find it really weird that these 12 cards are not implemented, since in the last 1.21 version several Arena cards have been implemented (and those are digital only), and - even more - because Forge is heavily influenced by the Microprose game... so to me its really strange it "does not know" the 12 Astral cards of its "dear uncle".

This is NOT to be taken in the wrong way - I love Forge and the only reason I find strange that these cards are missing, is because of "how astonishingly good" is this gem of software...

Keep up the good work devs, and thank you!!
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Re: Astral set missing? Isnt it strange?

Postby RumbleBBU » 19 Feb 2019, 08:17

I think the main reason may have been that the focus of Forge has traditionally been on the sanctioned, tournament legal sets. Peripheral 'fun' sets like Unglued and Unhinged haven't been supported.

Not to mention that the Un-sets contain a lot of real world references (like what your opponent is wearing or what you say) that would be impossible to convert to a computer game... That said, I've been privately working on scripts that use a lot of randomness to emulate two notoriously physical-world-reliant cards, Chaos Orb and Falling Star. I made both hit a number of opponent's cards (more than one if you are lucky, or zero if you are very unlucky - to emulate a bad throw) and possibly even one or a couple of your own (if you are unlucky - again, to emulate a bad throw). Not exactly the same thing but the result is sort of close enough to use them in my personal games. :)

The Astral set, on the other hand, is mostly supported by Forge functionality. In fact, I scripted most Astral cards a while ago: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=16205&start=345#p217830
The only cards I had problems with were the ones that randomly gained something upon entering the battlefield. That didn't really work in Forge, so I had to make them enter the battlefield with a dummy counter on them, and they gained the random ability when you removed the token. And oh yes, I didn't script Whimsy or Faerie Dragon because back then I didn't know what their full effect lists contained. Now I know. If I'm really bored some time, I might try to script those two. (More likely I'll just script my own sets and cards instead, though.)

No idea whether the above scripts work as such in the current Forge, the script engine may have (again) gone through a couple of overhauls since I made those scripts.
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