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LQ cards into HQ

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LQ cards into HQ

Postby Crimli » 09 Dec 2019, 22:09

I'm new, how can I download HQ cards after I downloaded all the LQs?
Sorry for being n00b.
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Re: LQ cards into HQ

Postby CptKird » 10 Dec 2019, 22:54


we were all n00bs (at least) once ;)

There's a button in Game Settings > Content Downloaders, the second one from the top.

This will take several hours though.

Cards are slightly below xlhq resolution (745x1040): 672x936, which is plenty "HQ" though ;)

Also, I'm not sure what this actually ends up to be:
- if it's only the latest version of each individual card,
- if it's all the cards (including all artworks),
- if it's subset into set folders, etc..
ATM it looks like: yes, no, no, to those questions, but after almost 3 hours and only about 9200 cards downloaded , it's too early to tell and I'll shut down the laptop for the night ;)

You could get them "manually" though, that's how I did it.

You can check some Mega links and other means in the sigs and the info at the start of this thread:

You probably already have the correct folder structure, since you mentioned LQs are working?

Then it's "simply" replacing LQ with HQ for each set, while renaming any ..."xlhq".jpg to ..."full".jpg.
I can recommend Total Commanders multi-renaming function.

I exchanged /res/defaults/no_card.jpg with a simple 0,255,0 RGB.jpg to immediately see which cards are still missing in the deck manager ;)

You will occasionally end up having some cards still missing, even though you copied the whole set and renamed it to "full".
That's due to naming inconsistencies, like apostrophes, or underscores, trailing "1"s or "2"s, or simple typos.
The filename needs to be exactly as it's given in each sets edition.txt-file in /res/editions.

That should give you some starting points :)
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