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Android Users Poll

PostPosted: 08 Jan 2020, 15:48
by friarsol
Hey Android users,

What version of Android do you have on your phone? We're looking to upgrade are minimum target versions. And want to see if anyone actually uses the older versions we support.

Re: Android Users Poll

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2020, 18:19
awesome post

Re: Android Users Poll

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2020, 06:56
by innkeeper
Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but I had a hard time using the sites search function to see if it was posted elsewhere and didn't see a more appropriate place to ask.

I'm running Android 8.0 and I could not get the Quest mode to successfully run as a Commander game. I tried different settings, ensured Singleton mode in my options was checked on and every Quest mode I start is just constructed of the world I select. Was wondering if anyone else had the same issue.

Re: Android Users Poll

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2020, 10:28
by CptKird
Looks like my next phone will be using 10 as well... I might need to change my 9 vote then.. :D

Wanted to follow Apples old adage, thunk different, and between the Sonim XP8 :mrgreen: ,the Fairphone 3 8) and the Shift 6mq :shock: I opted for the latter. Since it actually seems to be deliverable now..(?) Q1 2020, they say..

Not sure when, hopefully before my Galaxy S5 display kroaks... It slowly destroys the display voltage lanes, "I think", maybe corrosion, maybe only from pocket humidity (it never went under water, though that safety feature was once the buy decision).

The web is full of similar reports: it starts with very low light dimming, either the whole display or (like here) just the lower half starts to flash a bright green, strobe-like...

It continually progressed and now I need to set the brightness slider to at least 2/3s, to stop the flickering. Recently it even had troubles to light up at all...

And forget fixing this... glued shut like Fort Knox..

Need to really take care of that new one though, you'd hear me screaming (regardless of where you live) if the new one would accidentally hop a ride into an opened lavatory port... #-o