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General question

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General question

Postby normzzz » 19 Oct 2020, 18:28

Hi, first love the app and noticed something:
1: Does anyone know when the latest set wil be added? (Zendicar Rising)

2: Maybe there should be a way to only download the images of the cards in your deck. (Also after downloading the images there is still a quarter of my deck that have none)

3: Is there a reason why I can't cast instant in the Declare Attackers and Declare Blockers phases? (More precisely Heroic Intervention to make my blokers indestructible)

4: When I try to change my name from the default to a custom, in the game it turns back to the default.
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Re: General question

Postby normzzz » 20 Oct 2020, 02:57

And also why can't I activate My things during the upkeep? They are instant speed so technically I should. Is there a way to force the program to stop and let me activate it that I do not know of?
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Re: General question

Postby CptKird » 20 Oct 2020, 17:36

Hi :)

1.: You need to be on the snapshot release for ZNR, last I checked only 2 cards aren't scripted yet. Snapshots are more recent, but may have (new) bugs and/or still untuned card scripts, so, you are basically an involuntary beta tester. If you find bugs, you can report them in this forum or on the Forge discord server.
Get the snapshots from here:
On Windows/Mac/Linux get the "desktop" release, and unpack (twice) somewhere else (to keep your main release and snapshot release separate).
On mobile get the "android" version. Here, it's not yet possible to have two separate Forge versions installed, afaik, so backup your Forge/data folder, uninstall Forge main release, install snapshot release and update the assets.
If you are on Android 9 or newer, the snapshots auto-update function will force quit Forge after apk download (possibly a permissions issue?). Just install the fresh snapshot manually from your downloads folder and relaunch Forge.

2.: There's a setting in Graphic Options to auto-download missing card art. This will fetch LQ pics only, but on a small mobile screen, that's not too bad. Very convenient, incl. token images etc.
For HQ pic needs, check out my post here:
maybe check that whole thread :)
Manual pics collecting is quite a lot of work though..!

3. and 5.: Check your phase/step toggles! On default theme they need to be green for Forge to allow user interaction! Red means auto-yield everything! It'll stop at declaring attackers/blockers though. Just click/tap on any phase toggle to switch between auto-yield and interactive during a game.

4.: Best to edit the preference file (make sure Forge is closed/force closed first) with a text-editor :) The file is in your user directory, which can be accessed through Forge preferences (that button group at the top).
It's the first list entry.
On Windows it's in:
On mobile in:
Internal Storage > Forge > data > preferences > forge.preferences

Have fun! :)
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