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A few questions about Forge Quest mode

PostPosted: 18 Aug 2023, 18:34
by Godfrey
I recently found out about this app and I'm enjoying playing Quest MtG immensely, already restarted thrice ;) Got a few questions though, maybe someone here can help me with those.

* Is there a concrete finish to a Quest, when is the game "completed"? Final duelist or challenge boss or something? :)
* When selling cards, often but not always, any card with price 1k+ still sells for 1k. Is there a way to turn it off somewhere in options or config files, so I could sell the cards for the actual price listed? Or can you buy something in the Bazaar to raise this ceiling?
* When do duelists up the level, i.e. from easy to medium to hard, whats the trigger? I was guessing it's challenges but this playthrough I dont do any and still the difficulty ups. When I dont feel ready yet. Is there a way to play around it or something?
* When exactly do you get bonus for winning in under 5, 10, 15 turns? I am pretty sure I dont get them every time I think I qualify, maybe I count turns differently?
* Is there a way to see what set belongs to which travel "realms"? Some are obvious like "Urza's Block", others I could guess with a bit of trial and error, but yet others I simply can't seem to find. I am sure I've never seen "Guilds of Ravnica" choice when playing "Ravnica", is it somewhere else, maybe under Non-Block sets?
* Bank Membership perk costs quite a lot, what does it do exactly? Just gives another set to choose your reward booster from? Or does it actually give an additional booster?

And thats not quest related, but is there any guide to changing individual card or token pics? How they are supposed to be named? I know they are stored at %appdata% local/forge and I was able to change some, but not others for some reason, i.e. some blood tokens still display no picture despite there being like 4 different jpeg files for blood token in the tokens folder. Maybe there's ingame way to see the card's (token's) supposed img file path?

Thanks in advance for your help I know it's a lot of questions :D

Re: A few questions about Forge Quest mode

PostPosted: 21 Sep 2023, 07:10
by willsaldana
This is a great, short post with some good advice. I agree with you

Re: A few questions about Forge Quest mode

PostPosted: 10 Oct 2023, 15:44
by alex3919
Hey there! Forge Quest does have a bit of a learning curve, but it gets more intuitive the more you play. To address some of your questions:

The endless progression of realms and tougher enemies is kinda the "point" of Quest mode, no final boss or concrete end. It's a roguelike experience. But I hear you on wanting more control over the difficulty ramp-up. Maybe future versions could allow toggling enemy scaling.

The 1k gold cap on sales does suck when you have a super valuable card. Not much you can do except offer trades instead to get full value.

As for the bonuses and timing, I honestly still don't quite get it either. Seems influenced by animations and effects that stretch "turns."

The realm pairings and related sets can definitely be opaque too. I just had to memorize by trial and error. A reference sheet would be handy!

Anyway, hope some of those explanations help provide some guidance. Let me know if any other questions pop up! Happy to help decode the intricacies of this awesome fan-made experience.

Re: A few questions about Forge Quest mode

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2024, 10:06
by Huriturnar91
Thanks for the post!