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Card AI (Improvements) Requests

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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby HarlequinCasts » 11 Jan 2019, 23:19

If you give the AI a Demonic Pact via a Donate effect, they frequently choose "You Lose the Game" even if you give it to them while there are other options available. I assume they are choosing randomly?
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby Nik » 17 Jan 2019, 01:46

I have noticed three things recently that the AI did poorly.

One is it did not attack with a second creature which would have made me sac my Swarmborn Giant. (imgur link aTS4Obq)

It prioritizes regenerate a bit too much. Maybe if you can change how much regenerating a creature is. Possibly only use regenerate if it can trade with a creature. Sending it into larger blocks is useless. This one seems more complicated.(imgur link aTS4Obq)

The AI destroyed an enchantment (Maniacal Rage) that was on a creature that was already Capture Sphere so it was not useful in the game. Possibly making it so AI is more aware of why it would destroy enchantments on already "removed" creatures. (imgur link fnEAVPq)

Forge is great btw. Thanks to all who have contributed

Have to post the links like this to get through

Edit: One more while playing
The AI blocked my Ornery Golbin with a Leapfrog even though it had a 2/2 Devkarin Dissident. I don't think the AI knows to think about the 1 damage from Ornery Goblin.
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby AStrangerIsHere » 22 Jan 2019, 01:34

Let's say the opponent has a 2/2 on board, the IA has a 4/4 and a Murder in hand, as soon as the very beginning of its turn, after disengaging its lands, it chooses to play the Murder instead of the creature. Some randomness would be cool.

Another thing I noticed, the IA won't play a new legendary creature, even though the one on the board is disabled by, for example, a Pacifism.
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby MrMystery314 » 10 Feb 2019, 05:25

The AI appears unable to utilize the Time Vault and Voltaic Key combo consistently; sometimes it will go for the infinite loop without any issues, while sometimes it won't bother, generally when I have a developed board state.
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby psly4mne » 13 Feb 2019, 05:11

I'm pretty sure I had the AI decline to Fireblast me for lethal, even when I was about to win. I'm guessing it can't use the alt cost.
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