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Card AI (Improvements) Requests

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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby Xyx » 13 Feb 2017, 14:36

Observations from building quest worlds:

In general
Anything with banding: Pretends it doesn't have banding.

First up...
Limited Edition Beta

Forge reports problem but actually fine:
Black Lotus (even before the update)
Clockwork Beast (even before the update, though Clockwork Avian had issues)
Jade Statue
Phantasmal Terrain
Spell Blast
Demonic Tutor
Howl from Beyond
Mind Twist
Gauntlet of Might
Orcish Artillery
Red Elemental Blast
Stone Giant: Could be much worse.

Issues as advertised (or just plain terrible):
Ankh of Mishra
Kormus Bell
Lord of the Pit

Works but with issues:
Copper Tablet: Always cast it, even when it's at 1 life.
Library of Leng: Always discards to library, even bad cards.
Mana Vault: Trigger happy.
Circle of Protection: Prefers chump blocking. Only uses circle if it can't block at all.
Conversion: Runs it out even if opponent has no mountains, pointlessly constricting itself on the upkeep.
Guardian Angel: Overpays.
Icy Manipulator: Not the smartest. I think it uses it right away/on upkeep instead of Beginning of Combat/EOT.
Personal Incarnation: Does not prevent damage to the incarnation.
Veteran Bodyguard: Clueless.
Jump: Trigger happy.
Mana Short: Trigger happy. Should wait until opponent's upkeep.
Timetwister: Trigger happy.
Twiddle: Trigger happy.
Vesuvan Doppelganger: Casts it on an empty board (so it dies.)
Frozen Shade: Very conservative with the pump.
Wheel of Fortune: Trigger happy.
Fungusaur: Clueless. Still funny.
Ley Druid: Clueless. Doesn't use it to float mana.

Huge problems:
Cyclopean Tomb: Uses it on own lands.
Glasses of Urza: Clueless (though I'm not sure what it should do with the information anyway.)
Helm of Chatzuk: Banding.
Jade Monolith: Keeps using it.
Nevinyrral's Disk: Not used (though I hear that's fixed now.)
Time Vault: Not used. Would be cool with Twiddle.
Celestial Prism: Not used.
Blaze of Glory: Not used.
Island Sanctuary: Never draws cards again. Should only not draw cards if it has Howling Mine or somesuch or otherwise is dead on board.
Purelace/Thoughtlace/Deathlace/Chaoslace/Lifelace: Not used (but also not very useful except perhaps with Circles of Protection or Elemental Blasts.)
Magical Hack: Not used. Could be fun with Conversion, Tsunami, Flashfires, Volcanic Eruption.
Volcanic Eruption: Casts it for X=0.
Drain Life: Not used.
Nettling Imp: Not used.
Sacrifice: Not used (though perhaps for the best.)
Simulacrum: Not used.
Sinkhole: Not used, though I hear that's fixed.
Fork: Not used.
Mana Flare: Clueless. Doesn't realize it gets double mana. Will spend excess mana if it has more to cast but won't cast, say, Shivan Dragon with just three mountains.
Stone Rain: Not used, though I hear that's fixed.
Berserk: Not used.
Channel: Not used.
Gaea's Liege: Not used. Just sits there.
Ice Storm: Not used, though I hear that's fixed. (Yay, Magic as Garfield intended.)
Natural Selection: Not used.
Wild Growth: Clueless. (Also, Forge is clueless about this in general since tapping the land to pay a mana cost will not automatically spend the Wild Growth mana. Instead the mana goes into the mana pool from where it needs to be spent manually.)
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby Xyx » 13 Feb 2017, 14:49

In general
Pingers. Prodigal Sorcerer and ilk. The AI does not understand that it can combine pings to take down creatures larger than 1 toughness. If it has two Prodigal Sorcerers and I have a Grizzly Bears, it won't kill the bears.

Arabian Nights

Forge reports problem but it seems fine:
Sandals of Abdallah
Eye for an Eye
Cuombajj Witches
Hasran Ogress
Hurr Jackal

As advertised:
Serendib Djinn
Drop of Honey

Huge problems:
Bazaar of Baghdad: Throws away whole hand. Will activate it with one card in hand. This is only correct when playing Manaless Dredge.
Diamond Valley: Not used. Would be funny with Rukh Egg and Old Man of the Sea.
Ebony Horse: Trigger happy. Untaps attackers that "get through." It should only untap those in End of Combat, after damage.
Island of Wak-Wak: Not used.
Ring of Ma'ruf: Not used, though I'm not sure what it could grab.
Oubliette: Not used.
Sorceress Queen: Not used.
Cyclone: Suicides.
Ghazban Ogre: Clueless. Will cast it even if it just has to give it away immediately.
Metamorphosis: Not used (though perhaps for the best.)
Singing Tree: Not used.
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby Xyx » 13 Feb 2017, 15:08


Forge reports problem but it's fine:
Drafna's Restoration
Phyrexian Gremlins

As advertised:
Jalum Tome
Mishra's War Machine
Energy Flux
Transmute Artifact
Yawgmoth Demon

Minor issues:
Clockwork Avian: Sometimes winds up for no reason, but I hear that's fixed now.
Dragon Engine: Rarely pumps it (even with the Urzatron out.)
Mishra's Workshop: Not entirely understood (but I don't remember exactly what the problem was.)
Obelisk of Undoing: Trigger happy. Uses it for blocking. Could be funny with Triskelion and Tetravus.
Tetravus: Doesn't mess with the tetravites but that's usually not a good idea anyway (because of Powerleech and Haunting Wind and stuff.) Would be funny with Orcish Mechanics or Argivian Archaeologist, though.
Triskelion: Trigger happy. Prefers to kill creatures but will use up the counters right away. Should only do that for lethal damage or if Triskelion would leave the battlefield anyway.
Urza's Avenger: Doesn't activate any of the abilities (though that's better than killing it.)
Priest of Yawgmoth: Not used (but Squire isn't the absolute worst in this set.)
Atog: Not used (but Squire isn't the absolute worst in this set.)

Huge problems:
Armageddon Clock: Removes counters from its own clock.
Ashnod's Altar: Not used.
Ashnod's Battle Gear: Kills its own creatures. (It's cool that the AI tries to get into the role of psycho bitch Ashnod but let's keep it practical.)
Ashnod's Transmogrant: Not used.
Candelabra of Tawnos: Not used. Urzatron!
Coral Helm: Not used.
Feldon's Cane: Cracks it on turn 1.
Primal Clay: Not even cast.
Rocket Launcher: Not used. Would be good with the Urzatron.
Shapeshifter: Always 0/7.
Tawnos's Wand: Not used.
Tawnos's Weaponry: Not used.
Xenic Poltergeist: Not used.
Dwarven Weaponsmith: Not used.
Orcish Mechanics: Not used.
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby Xyx » 13 Feb 2017, 15:37


Actually fine:
Greed: Decent enough.

As advertised:
Forethought Amulet
Anti-Magic Aura
Elder Spawn
Gaseous Form
Land Equilibrium
Mold Demon
Primordial Ooze
Winds of Change
Wood Elemental
Field of Dreams: Pointless.
Revelation: Pointless.

Minor issues:
Life Matrix: Trigger happy. Constrains itself on mana.
D'Avenant Archer: Does not see them on the other side of the table. Also, does not understand the power of multiple pingers.
Elder Land Wurm: Does not always block when it has the chance.
Greater Realm of Preservation: Not always used.
Spirit Link: Doesn't understand when the player puts Spirit Link on AI's creatures (just like Shandalar :D) and doesn't put it on player's creatures either.
White Mana Battery (and Blue/Black/Red/Green Mana Battery): Does not charge up. Just uses it as a mana rock.
Brine Hag: Kind of clueless.
In the Eye of Chaos: Walks right into it.
Psionic Entity: Only activates it if it's buffed. Sometimes just needs to use it as disposable removal (perhaps in combination with a block. Also, pinger problem.)
Recall: Trigger happy. Should save up a bit.
Tolaria: Banding, so this is just a pretty Island.
Wall of Vapor: Only "chump" blocks.
All Hallow's Eve: Casts it on an empty graveyard.
Evil Eye of Orms-By-Gore: Clueless.
Fallen Angel: Doesn't sac any creatures, but a 3/3 flyer is still good in this set.
Horror of Horrors: Conservative.
Lesser Werewolf: Does not activate it.
Vampire Bats: Very conservative.
Active Volcano: Really likes to bounce lands. Destroying stuff is better. If someone has an Island, they will probably soon have a blue permanent.
Radjan Spirit: Does not see them on the other side of the table. Also, pinger.
Fire Sprites: Does not tap them for mana. One of the few color fixing cards in the set.
Gwendlyn Di Corci: Not used. She'd be very good otherwise.
Angus Mackenzie: Conservative.
Ragnar: Conservative.
Visions: Probably clueless.

Huge problems:
Al-abara's Carpet: Not used.
Alchor's Tomb: Not used.
Gauntlets of Chaos: Not used.
Horn of Deafening: Uses it during its own turn.
Knowledge Vault: Doesn't ever crack it.
Kry Shield: Not used.
Life Chisel: Not used.
North Star: Not used.
Sentinel: Clueless.
Sword of the Ages: Not used. Should use it for lethal damage.
Voodoo Doll: Not used.
Alabaster Potion: Not cast.
Glyph of Life: Not cast.
Great Defender: Not cast.
Heaven's Gate/Sea King's Blessing/Touch of Darkness/Dwarven Song/Sylvan Paradise: Not cast.
Rapid Fire: Not cast.
Remove Enchantments: Not cast.
Dream Coat: Not used.
Enchantment Alteration: Not cast.
Energy Tap: Not used.
Reset: Clueless.
Teleport: Not cast.
Time Elemental: Blocks! Might be fine otherwise.
Glyph of Doom: Not cast.
Hell's Caretaker: Not used.
Syphon Soul: Not cast.
Transmutation: Not cast.
Blood Lust: Not cast.
Disharmony: Not cast.
Feint: Not cast.
Land's Edge: Not cast.
Quarum Trench Gnomes: Not used.
Reincarnation: Clueless.
Storm Seeker: Not cast.
Subdue: Not cast.
Sylvan Library: Near-suicidal. Goes down to 1-4.
Ayesha Tanaka: Not used, but doesn't understand banding anyway.
Nebuchadnezzar: Not used.
Lady Evangela: Uses her on its own turn.
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby Xyx » 13 Feb 2017, 15:50

The Dark

Actually fine:
Fellwar Stone
Marsh Gas
Coal Golem
Scarwood Bandits
Spitting Slug
Dark Heart of the Wood

As advertised:
Fire and Brimstone
Martyr's Cry
Mana Vortex
Mind Bomb
Eternal Flame
Mana Clash

Minor issues:
Bone flute: Conservative.
Dark Sphere: Trigger happy.
Tormod's Crypt: Trigger happy.
War Barge: Does not combo with Merfolk Assassin.
Preacher: Does not chump block with the "converts".
Dance of Many: Not very picky. Will copy and pay UU upkeep for a Squire.
Word of Binding: Trigger happy.
Orc General: Not used.
Gaea's Touch: Trigger happy. Will sac it the turn it's cast if it has another 2-drop.
Niall Silvain: Not used.
Scarwood Hag: Trigger happy. Constrains its mana.

Huge problems:
City of Shadows: Trigger happy. Sacs its whole army.
Living Armor: Not used.
Necropolis: Not used. Stays a 0/1.
Reflecting Mirror: Not used.
Safe Haven: Clueless.
Scarecrow: Not used.
Standing Stones: Not used.
Blood of the Martyr: Not cast.
Cleansing: Meh.
Festival: Not cast.
Apprentice Wizard: Not used, though I hear it's fixed.
Deep Water: Not used.
Flood: Trigger happy. Would be good if only used in player's Beginning of Combat or EOT.
Banshee: Not used.
Frankenstein's Monster: Always 0/0.
Nameless Race: Clueless.
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby Xyx » 13 Feb 2017, 16:03

Fallen Empires

Actually fine:
Dwarven Armorer: Surprisingly reasonable.

As advertised:
Basal Thrull
Goblin Flotilla
Rainbow Vale

Minor issues:
Draconian Cylix: Conservative.
Ring of Renewal: Trigger happy. Constrains mana.
Farrelite Priest: Not used.
Icatian Infantry: Not used, not even the first strike.
Icatian Javelineers: Trigger happy. Should only use it on creatures or for lethal damage.
Icatian Scout: Conservative.
Order of Leitbur: Conservative. Would be very good otherwise.
Svyelunite Priest: Not used.
Armor Thrull: Conservative. Should use it "for value" when possible.
Ebon Praetor: Just lets it die (which is perhaps for the best.) Should feed it thrulls.
Initiates of the Ebon Hand: Not used.
Order of the Ebon Hand: Conservative. Would be very good otherwise.
Thrull Wizard: Not used.
Orcish Captain: Conservative. Should use it to try and trade up or deal lethal damage.
Orcish Spy: Not used, though it probably wouldn't know what to do anyway.
Thallid Devourer: Not used.

Huge problems:
Delif's Cone: Not used.
Delif's Cube: Not used.
Implements of Sacrifice: Not used.
Spirit Shield: Not used.
Zelyon Sword: Not used.
Heroism: Sacs all of its creatures.
Icatian Moneychanger: Never cashes in.
Icatian Store/Sand Silos/Bottomless Vault/Dwarven Hold/Hollow Trees: Clueless.
Ruins of Trokair/Svyelunite Temple/Ebon Stronghold/Dwarven Ruins/Havenwood Battleground: Never sacced. Should be used to jump the curve, otherwise they're strictly worse than basic lands.
High Tide: Not cast.
Homarid Spawning Bed: Not used.
Tidal Flats: Trigger happy. Dumps all of its mana.
Vodalian Knights: Trigger happy. Dumps all of its mana.
Vodalian War Machine: Stays 0/4.
Tourach's Gate: Clueless.
Dwarven Catapult: Not cast.
Goblin Chirurgeon: Not used.
Goblin Grenade: Not cast.
Goblin Kites: Clueless. Unnecessarily suicides creatures.
Goblin Warrens: Not used.
Elven Fortress: Used correctly but takes ungodly amounts of time thinking about it. Performance issue.
Elvish Scout: Clueless.
Night Soil: Not even used but still causes massive slowdown and crashes.
Thelonite Druid: Not used.
Thelonite Monk: Not used.
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby Xyx » 13 Feb 2017, 16:12


Actually fine:
Leeches: Thankfully not cast.

As advertised:
Feroz's Ban
Serra Bestiary: Constrains its mana.
Black Carriage
Winter Sky

Minor issues:
Roterothopter: Slightly trigger happy.
Trade Caravan: Not used.
Forget: Casts it on opponent.
Marjhan: Conservative. Would be pretty good otherwise.
Merchant Scroll: Clueless.
Sea Troll: Clueless. Does not see when it could regenerate.
Baron Sengir: Not activated (but a 5/5 flyer is still good here.)
Ghost Hounds: Clueless about the color hosing part.
Aliban's Tower: Conservative.
Ambush: Conservative.
Dwarven Pony: Conservative.
Dwarven Sea Clan: Only casts it if opponent has an Island.
Faerie Noble: Conservative.
Leaping Lizard: Conservative.
Root Spider: Clueless.
Shrink: Conservative.
Beast Walkers: Not activated, but does not understand banding anyway.
Daughter of Autumn: Not activated.

Huge problems:
Clockwork Gnomes: Not activated. (Note: This one's not like the other clockwork creatures.)
Clockwork Steed: Taps out, but I hear that's fixed now.
Clockwork Swarm: Taps out, but I hear that's fixed now.
Aether Storm: Will lock itself down.
Baki's Curse: Clueless (though there are only two beneficial auras in the entire set anyway.)
Chain Stasis: Trigger happy.
Dark Maze: Keeps activating it. Should only activate it once and only for lethal damage.
Jinx: Not cast.
Retribution: Not cast.
Autumn Willow: Dumps all its mana to remove the shroud, which it probably shouldn't ever do anyway. Would be very good otherwise.
Aysen Abbey/Wizards' School/Castle Sengir/Koskun Keep/An-Havva Township: Not used for color fixing.
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby Xyx » 13 Feb 2017, 16:42

Ice Age

I'm assuming that many of the cards with "AI" and/or "?" markers have those because they're snow related cards that should not appear in randomly generated decks.

Actually fine:
Soldevi Sentry: Never regenerates, as it should.
Kjeldoran Elite Guard
Kjeldoran Guard
Order of the Sacred Torch
Lat-Nam's Legacy
Library of Lat-Nam
Mystic Remora
Phantasmal Mount
Soldevi Machinist
Soldevi Sage: Sacs a lot of lands though not all.
Feast or Famine
Gangrenous Zombies
Howl from Beyond
Mind Warp
Mole Worms
Pestilence Rats
Phyrexian Boon
Stromgald Cabal
Withering Wisps
Brand of Ill Omen
Glacial Crevasses
Goblin Ski Patrol
Gorilla Shaman
Omen of Fire
Orcish Cannoneers
Word of Blasting
Giant Growth
Nature's Chosen
Nature's Wrath
Ritual of Subdual
Diabolic Vision
Krovikan Sorcerer
Tinder Wall
Elvish Healer
Krovikan Elementalist
Orcish Healer
Fiery Justice

As advertised:
Halls of Mist
Naked Singularity
Phyrexian Portal
Staff of the Ages
Storm Cauldron
Cold Snap
Enduring Renewal
Energy Storm
Diminishing Returns
Essence Flare
Force of Will (though I hear it's improved)
Illusions of Grandeur
Magus of the Unseen
Phantasmal Sphere
Reality Twist
Zur's Weirding
Kjeldoran Dead
Krovikan Plague
Oath of Lim-Dul
Chaos Lord
Chaos Moon
Game of Chaos
Rogue Skycaptain
Varchild's War Riders
Freyalise's Winds
Fyndhorn Pollen
Orcish Lumberjack

Minor issues:
Soldevi Digger: Digs religiously but fortunately casts spells first.
Urza's Engine: Mega slowdown pre-combat. Also, banding.
Blinking Spirit: Has trouble playing against it. Will waste removal.
Lightning Blow: Does not cycle when it has nothing better to do but otherwise plays it when it should.
Order of the White Shield: Never activates it.
Rally: A little conservative.
Knights of Stromgald: Conservative.
Ritual of the Machine: Sometimes trades down.
Soldevi Adnate: Never activates it, which is probably for the best.
Balduvian Hydra: Not smart but it works.
Balduvian Trading Post: Slow to use, but then it seems fine.
Orcish Farmer: Never activates it.
Pillage: Only uses it on artifact creatures, not lands, though I hear that's fixed now.
Pyrokinesis: A bit wasteful.
Varchild's Crusader: Never activates it. Should activate it for lethal damage.
Juniper Order Druid: Only uses it after it casts something. Does not use it to float mana.
Splintering Wind: Dangerous. Only pings 1/1s.
Touch of Vitae: Mostly just cycles it.
Whip Vine: Not activated.
Adarkar Unicorn: Not activated.
Balduvian Shaman: Not activated.
Land Cap/River Delta/Lava Tubes/Timberline Ridge/Veldt: Annoying triggers, though there's probably not much that can be done about that. Plus these lands are awful anyway.
Lim-Dul's Vault: Doesn't really know what to do with it but at least it doesn't suicide.
Bone Shaman: Never activated.
Stormbind: Will shoot any creature it can, though that is not the worst idea.
Juniper Order Advocate: Clueless.
Kelsinko Ranger: Hardly ever activates it.
Phelddagrif: Errs on the side of caution.
Snow Hound: Uses it for attacking shenanigans but not for blocking shenanigans.

Huge problems:
Arcum's Sleigh: Not used.
Arcum's Weathervane: Not used.
Arcum's Whistle: Not used.
Asnod's Cylix: Uses it on opponent.
Baton of Morale: Not used.
Celestial Sword: Suicides its creatures.
Crown of the Ages: Not used.
Despotic Scepter: Not used.
Floodwater Dam: Not used.
Fyndhorn Bow: Not used.
Glacial Chasm: Suicides on the upkeep.
Goblin Lyre: Uses it when it has no creatures, occasionally fizzles due to a bug.
Gustha's Scepter: Not used (and terrible).
Ice Floe: Not used.
Infinite Hourglass: Removes all the counters.
Jester's Cap: Exiles basic lands.
Jester's Mask: Picks the best cards instead of the worst.
Jeweled Amulet: Charged but never emptied.
Lodestone Bauble: Not used.
Mishra's Groundbreaker: Not used.
Mystic Compass: Not used.
Phyrexian Devourer: Never activates it, so it's just a 1/1 for 6.
Runed Arch: Wastes it on a single 1/1.
Scarab of the Unseen: Not used.
Skull Catapult: Not used.
Sunstone: Uses it whenever it has no profitable blocks, which is too often.
Vexing Arcanix: Uses it on itself, with no foreknowledge.
Vibrating Sphere: Plays it post-combat, wipes its own board.
Astrolabe: Not used.
Barbed Sextant: Not used.
School of the Unseen: Won't tap it for color.
Arenson's Aura: Not used.
Call to Arms: Casts it for zero permanents, immediately saccing it.
Hallowed Ground: Not used.
Noble Steeds: Not used, but slows down a lot.
Seasoned Tactician: Never activates it, so it's just a 1/3 for 3.
Sustaining Spirit: Just runs it out on turn 2 and constrains itself on the mana for no reason.
Sworn Defender: Never activates it, so it's just a 1/3 for 4.
Unlikely Alliance: Not used.
Arnjlot's Ascent: Not used.
Balduvian Conjurer: Never activates it, so it's just an 0/2 for 1.
Brainstorm: Clueless.
Breath of Dreams: Runs it out whenever.
Clairvoyance: Clueless.
Deflection: Not used.
Foresight: Clueless.
Mesmeric Trance: Not used.
Portent: Not used.
Sleight of Mind Not used.
Snowfall: Clueless.
Soldevi Excavations: Clueless.
Thought Lash: Exiles ALL THE CARDS!
Winter's Chill: Casts it at the beginning of combat.
Cloak of Confusion: Always activates it, even against an empty hand, essentially removing its own creature.
Contagion: Totally bugged.
Demonic Consultation: Not used (and possibly for the best).
Fatal Lore: Not used.
Gaze of Pain: Not used.
Infernal Darkness: Suicides.
Lake of the Dead: Not used.
Minion of Leshrac: Suicides.
Misinformation: Clueless.
Songs of the Damned: Not used, though I hear it might be fixed now.
Soul Kiss: Not used.
Spoils of Evil: Not used.
Spoils of War: Crashes!
Stromgald Spy: Never deals damage.
Barbarian Guides: Never activates it, so it's just a 1/2 for 3.
Chaos Harlequin: Suicides.
Goblin Sappers: Never activates it, so it's just a 1/1 for 2.
Karplusan Giant: Never activates it, so it's just a 3/3 for 7.
Márton Stromgald: Doesn't understand the mass pump, so it's mostly just a 1/1 for 4.
Melee: Not cast.
Meteor Shower: Only X=0.
Orcish Librarian: Clueless.
Total War: Occasionally throws away half its board.
Veteran's Voice: Never activates it.
Blizzard: Just runs it out.
Bounty of the Hunt: Not used.
Earthlore: Not used.
Elder Druid: Overused.
Forgotten Lore: Doesn't seem to like anything it's given.
Foxfire: Uses it on own attackers.
Hail Storm: Not used.
Venomous Breath: Not used.
Whiteout: Not used (and terrible).
Wild Growth: Clueless.
Chromatic Armor Keeps activating it.
Energy Arc: Uses it on own attackers.
Kjeldoran Pride: Moves it around all the time.
Brine Shaman: Never activates it, so it's just a 1/1 for 2.
Norritt: Doesn't use the “nettling” ability.
Zuran Enchanter: Never activates it, so it's just a 1/1 for 3.
Burnt Offering: Not used (and possibly for the best).
Fire Covenant: Not used.
Lim-Dûl's Paladin: Just sacs it.
Mountain Titan: Never activates it, so it's just a 2/2 for 4.
Surge of Strength: Not used.
Undergrowth: Clueless.
Altar of Bone: Not used.
Nature's Blessing: Not used.
Dreams of the Dead: Not used.
Elemental Augury: Not used.
Lord of Tresserhorn: Not used.
Freyalise Supplicant: Never activates it, so it's just a 1/1 for 2.
Winter's Night: Clueless.
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby Xyx » 14 Feb 2017, 00:29


Actually fine:
Enlightened Tutor: Probably clueless, though.
Vaporous Djinn
Zombie Mob: Pretty decent. Waits until it's at least 4/2.
Chaos Charm: Destroys walls, pings, gives haste!
Goblin Elite Infantry: Seems perfectly aware.
Hearth Charm: Pumps attackers, destroys artifact creatures, makes things unblockable!
Illicit Auction: Not completely bone-headed.
Relentless Assault: Seems fine.
Telim'Tor's Edict: Actually seems fine. Responds to removal and stuff.
Foratog: Could be a lot worse.
Locust Swarm: Untaps and regenerates.
Seedling Charm: Regenerates (conservatively), bounces auras, gives trample!
Phyrexian Purge: Good enough.
Cadaverous Bloom: Could be a lot worse.
Viashivan Dragon: Pumps both ends.
Armorer Guildmage: Uses both abilities!

As advertised:
Phyrexian Marauder
Razor Pendulum
Teferi's Puzzle Box
Eye of Singularity
Cloak of Invisibility
Dream Tides
Energy Vortex
Teferi's Realm
Forbidden Crypt
Forsaken Wastes
Harbinger of Night
Infernal Contract
Shauku, Endbringer
Tombstone Stairwell
Consuming Ferocity: Puts it on opponent's creatures.
Elkin Lair
Emberwilde Djinn
Heat Wave
Harbor Guardian
Breathstealer's Crypt
Malignant Growth

Minor issues:
Brass-Talon Chimera/Iron-Heart Chimera/Lead-Belly Chimera/Tin-Wing Chimera: Does not voltron effectively. Will sac big chimeras to buff small chimeras.
Elixir of Vitality: Conservative.
Igneous Golem: Either conservative or trigger happy.
Sands of Time: Does not tap out in response to the trigger.
Wand of Denial: Loves to pay.
Blinding Light: Kind of clueless.
Femeref Knight: Not activated until it's pointless.
Hope Charm: Gains life, destroys auras, does not give first strike.
Infantry Veteran: Conservative.
Jabari's Influence: Conservative.
Mangara's Equity: Just runs it out.
Mtenda Griffin: Not activated.
Warrior's Honor: Conservative.
Zhalfirin Commander: Not activated.
Zhalfirin Crusader: Not activated.
Zhalfirin Knight: Not activated.
Azimaet Drake: Trigger happy.
Boomerang: Somewhat clueless.
Coral Fighters: Somewhat clueless.
Daring Apprentice: Trigger happy.
Dream Cache: Somewhat clueless.
Impulse: Kind of clueless.
Knight of the Mists: Waits for an enemy knight, but will pay U if it can.
Kukemssa Serpent: Not activated.
Mist Dragon: Does not phase out in response to removal.
Ovinomancer: Weird, awkward and bugged. Still funny.
Rainbow Efreet: Not activated.
Ray of Command: Trigger happy.
Vision Charm: Mills (and presumably too trigger happy to do anything else).
Wave Elemental: Trigger happy.
Abyssal Hunter: Only uses it on things it can kill. Should tap bigger stuff.
Barbed-Back Wurm: Not activated.
Blighted Shaman: Sacs swamps
Brood of Cockroaches: Clueless. Should block more.
Coercion: Clueless.
Dark Privilege: Not activated.
Ebony Charm: Gives fear, drains life. Does not exile anything from the graveyard (but that's probably fine unless there's Hammer of Bogardan.)
Funeral Charm: Only discards. Does not kill or pump stuff (which is probably the best mode.) Does not give swampwalk.
Kaervek's Hex: Conservative.
Mire Shade: Sacs down to 5 lands.
Necrosavant: Does not bring it back.
Sewer Rats: Quite aggro. Nearly always attacks and pays 3 life.
Soul Rend: Only casts it on white creatures. Should cycle it if there are no white creatures or plains (which imply forthcoming white creatures.)
Soulshriek: Casts it for +1/+0.
Tainted Specter: Not activated.
Urborg Mindsucker: Trigger happy.
Urborg Panther: Does not kill blockers but will get Spirit of the Night!
Vampiric Tutor: Kind of clueless.
Wake of Vultures: Not activated.
Wall of Corpses: Conservative.
Burning Shield Askari: Not activated.
Crimson Hellkite: Trigger happy.
Crimson Roc: Clueless.
Dwarven Nomad: Conservative.
Firebreathing: Conservative.
Goblin Recruiter: Puts the other recruiters on top. (Not a problem in a deck with just one recruiter.)
Goblin Soothsayer: Conservative.
Goblin Swine-Rider: Kind of clueless, but that's funny.
Goblin Tinkerer: Prefers to keep it alive.
Hammer of Bogardan: Does not bring it back.
Keeper of Kookus: Not activated.
Raging Gorilla: Clueless.
Raging Spirit: Not activated.
Searing Spear Askari: Not activated until it's pointless.
Talruum Champion: Clueless.
Viashino Sandstalker: Always attacks, even when opponent has profitable blocks.
Brushwagg: Clueless.
Canopy Dragon: Not activated.
Emerald Charm: Destroys enchantments, makes things lose flying. Does not untap surprise blockers.
Feral Instinct: Clueless.
Giant Caterpillar: Adorably clueless.
Jungle Wurm: Clueless.
Mindbender Spores: Conservative.
Mortal Wound: Clueless.
Natural Balance: Clueless.
Roots of Life: Not very smart.
Tropical Storm: Only casts it to kill flyers.
Waiting in the Weeds: Will cast it for zero.
Worldly Tutor: Clueless.
Teferi's Honor Guard: Not activated.
Sealed Fate: Casts it for X=1. Also, clueless.
Unfulfilled Desires: Conservative.
Army Ants: Sacs down to 5 lands.
Grim Feast: Seems fine.
Jungle Patrol: Uses walls fine but very conservative about making walls.
Civic Guildmage: Pumps, does not bounce.
Shaper Guildmage: Gives first strike, does not give +1/+0,
Shadow Guildmage: Pings, does not bounce.
Granger Guildmage: Pings, only sometimes gives first strike.

Huge problems:
Acidic Dagger: Not activated.
Amber Prison: Doesn't keep it tapped.
Chariot of the Sun: Not activated.
Crystal Vein: Never sacs it for 2.
Ersatz Gnomes: Not activated.
Grinning Totem: Clueless.
Juju Bubble: Clueless.
Mana Prism: Does not tap it for colored mana.
Mangara's Tome: Not activated.
Phyrexian Dreadnought: Over-sacs (including, possibly, the dreadnought itself), though I hear it's fixed.
Phyrexian Vault: Not activated.
Triangle of War: Not activated.
Unerring Sling: Not activated.
Alarum: Clueless.
Honorable Passage: Not cast.
Ivory Charm: Taps things (trigger happy), does not prevent damage, does not fog.
Null Chamber: Not cast.
Resistance Fighter: Not activated.
Righteous Aura: Will pay 2 to prevent 1.
Sacred Mesa: Clueless.
Tithe: Not cast.
Ward of Lights: Unnecessarily casts it as an instant.
Yare: Not cast.
Betrayal: Not cast.
Chronatog: Not activated.
Dream Fighter: Clueless.
Ether Well: Not cast.
Flash: Clueless.
Flooded Shoreline: Trigger happy. Bounces all of its islands.
Foreshadow: Not cast.
Hakim, Loreweaver: Not activated.
Jolt: Clueless.
Mind Bend: Not cast.
Mystic Veil: Clueless.
Prismatic Lace: Not cast.
Psychic Transfer: Clueless.
Reality Ripple: Not cast.
Shimmer: Picks own lands.
Shrieking Drake: Clueless.
Soar: Clueless.
Three Wishes: Clueless.
Tidal Wave: Not cast.
Time and Tide: Not cast.
Vanishing: Clueless.
Carrion: Not cast.
Choking Sands: Not cast.
Dark Ritual: Not cast.
Drain Life: Not cast.
Forbidden Ritual: Does not repeat.
Infernal Harvest: Not cast.
Phyrexian Tribute: Not cast.
Ravenous Vampire: Sacs entire board, then finally feeds it to itself.
Reign of Terror: Not cast.
Wicked Reward: Not cast.
Barreling Attack: Not cast.
Blind Fury: Not cast.
Final Fortune: Suicides.
Lightning Reflexes: Clueless.
Song of Blood: Clueless.
Stone Rain: Not cast.
Zirilan of the Claw: Not activated.
Armor of Thorns: Clueless.
Creeping Mold: Only destroys artifact creatures, and conservatively so, but maybe this got fixed with the other land destruction spells.
Cycle of Life: Not activated.
Early Harvest: Not cast.
Elven Cache: Not cast.
Fallow Earth: Not cast.
Maro: Will just play out its hand, killing the Maro.
Quirion Druid: Not activated.
Quirion Ranger: Trigger happy.
Spider Climb: Clueless.
Summer Bloom: Not cast.
Village Elder: Not activated.
Guiding Spirit: Clueless.
Prismatic Boon: Not cast.
Circle of Despair: Not activated.
Purgatory: Pays even if nothing is exiled.
Spatial Binding: Not activated.
Squandered Resources: Not activated.
Energy Bolt: Not cast.
Sawback Manticore: Trigger happy.
Pygmy Hippo: Never deals damage, even when opponent is already tapped out.
Lion's Eye Diamond: Bugged! Can cast spells from hand with it.
Equipoise: Bugged. Somehow phases out some of its own lands.
Political Trickery: Won't target opponent's land.
Sapphire Charm: Bugged! Won't choose mode.
Shimmering Efreet: Bugged! Manages to target nothing.
Kaervek's Spite: Disappears from hand, nothing happens.
Aleatory: Fizzles.
Torrent of Lava: Casts it for X=1 by paying RR.
Emberwilde Caliph: Bugged in multiples: EACH Emberwilde Caliph triggers for EACH Emberwilde Caliph.
Corrosion: Does not give rust counters.
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby Xyx » 14 Feb 2017, 00:37


Actually fine:
Dread Charge: Seems fine.
Elven Cache: Cast! Unlike the one in Visions! WTF?

As advertised:
Winds of Change
Plant Elemental
Primeval Force

Minor issues:
Steadfastness: Conservative.
Stern Marshal: Conservative.
Flux: Clueless.
Sorcerous Sight: Pointless.
Tidal Surge: Sometimes taps post-combat.
Cruel Bargain: Conservative.
Cruel Tutor: Clueless.
Endless Cockroaches: Clueless.
Stone Rain: Conservative.
Fruition: Does not wait until it comes to... fruition.
Thundering Wurm: Will always play a land first, so this only gets cast if holding multiple lands.

Huge problems
Armageddon: Not cast? I hear that's fixed.
Natural Order: Not cast? I hear that's fixed.
Defiant Stand: Not cast.
False Peace: Targets itself.
Harsh Justice: Not cast.
Starlight: Not cast.
Balance of Power: Not cast.
Cloak of Feathers: Not cast.
Exhaustion: Not cast.
Omen: Not cast.
Taunt: Not cast.
Theft of Dreams: Not cast.
Final Strike: Not cast.
Rain of Tears: Not cast.
Burning Cloak: Not cast.
Last Chance: Clueless.
Alluring Scent: Not cast.
Deep Wood: Not cast.
Mobilize: Not cast.
Summer Bloom: Not cast.
Treetop Defense: Not cast.

Phew... that's all of the quest worlds! (At least, the ones I worked on.)
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby abbyjaneway » 15 Feb 2017, 05:11

The AI plays Looming Spires when it has no creatures on the battlefield and buffs one of my creatures, then doesn't tap it for mana on its next turn. Kinda dumb to waste the buff when it doesn't need the mana.
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby abbyjaneway » 15 Feb 2017, 09:10

AI seems trigger-happy with Silent Departure. It just played it when it had no creatures on the battlefield and I had 3, all power 1. It targeted the only creature who will cause it to lose a life when I summon it again (Kalastria Healer). I think it chose it because my other creatures were only 1 toughness, but it would have been smarter to wait until it had a power 3 creature out that I then wouldn't be able to block without Kalastria Healer on the field.

AI played Rolling Temblor during M1 when it had Scourge of Geier Reach on the field, thereby reducing its own attack value. And the creatures destroyed by Rolling Temblor didn't have enough power to block Scourge of Geier Reach.
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby Xyx » 15 Feb 2017, 21:03

The AI likes to target an X/2 artifact creature twice with the same Kolaghan's Command. A bit overkill.
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby abbyjaneway » 15 Feb 2017, 22:36

When using Pristine Skywise's triggered ability, AI keeps choosing protection from its own deck colors instead of mine.
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Re: Card AI (Improvements) Requests

Postby Pedroffs » 16 Feb 2017, 15:16

Hi all,

I saw that lightning runner second ability is not working.
After getting the (E)(E), it should ask ( if possible) if we want to pay (E)(E)(E)(E)(E)(E)(E)(E). If you pay, untap all creatures you control, and after this phase, there is an additional combat phase.
Is it possible to fix it? :)

Thank you.
Pedro S.
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