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MWS Crashing when adding cards

PostPosted: 27 Jul 2012, 09:31
by Gothnak
I'm using MWS to catalogue my actual collection, but today it has started crashing while adding cards.

I previously added my collection (Around 6000 cards) to MWS just fine, and the day after i completed it, my laptop got stolen (yeah, that was really fun!). So, i restarted it yesterday and input 1000 green cards. I started on the white today, and every time i tried adding Echoing Calm, MWS crashed. I've whittled it down to having the filters on (I only collect commons, so i have commons only and currently white only) in either the top or bottom window.

I've managed to add Echoing Calm by not turning filters on, but i can't do the whole lot like that as it'll take 10 times as long. When turning filters on again i got as far as Elite Javelineers and it broke again.

Any ideas?

Re: MWS Crashing when adding cards

PostPosted: 27 Jul 2012, 09:35
by Gothnak
I've got the crash window to stay up this time:

Exception EReadError in module MagicWorkstation.exe at 00026883.
Error reading TextLabel.Lines.Strings:System Error. Code: 1400.
Invalid window handle.

Re: MWS Crashing when adding cards

PostPosted: 28 Aug 2012, 22:47
by Gothnak
I gave up with Magic Workstation when i tried Magic Album from the forum below, that's way better, thanks all..