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Deck Builder Question

PostPosted: 25 Jul 2021, 22:49
by jdixon
Is there a way when you're editing a deck to add one or more cards of a particular card that's already in your deck without first having to search or filter for it then clicking on it? For example say I have 3 shocks in a deck and want to add a fourth, without having to type shock in the search box or using the advanced function to limit the deckbuildersjacksonville. net displayed cards to red instants. I know this is trivial, but I usually play with a wireless mouse using a laptop connected to the TV and the keyboard is not right at hand. I have a wireless keyboard, but that would mean opening the drawer, pulling out the keyboard, turning it on, and typing something, which is not feasible as this tends to disturb the dog that is usually asleep in my lap... I sense a first-world problem meme here...