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how to get a .mwsdeck to userData.csv?

PostPosted: 04 Oct 2008, 20:32
by Luka

Around 10 friends and I have a league where we manage our own virtual collection of cards. We generate those with MWS, and as we get more it gets pretty painful to build a deck ... All the collection starts in the sideboard and it's quite ugly ... The library being used only for lands. Nate's Deck Builder allows to manage a collection of cards, wich is exactly what would make our lives easier. However, it can be pretty painful to set the quantity one by one ...

I looked into the format used in userData.csv and .mwdeck, it sounds quite easy to write a script that translates it. To make sure I tried to add some cards manualy and it seems the order matters, or you get strange bugs. Did someone wrote a script that does the job correctly already? Or is there a way to move a (big group of) card(s) from a deck to the owned cards?

Thanks for the answer ;)


ps: It is still possible that there is a way to add a qty column the libray part of MWS, but if so I didn't find it.

Re: how to get a .mwsdeck to userData.csv?

PostPosted: 04 Oct 2008, 21:02
by Snacko
The order doesn't matter however you need to make sure that each entry is unique, because otherwise it will overwrite itself with the last value.
Code: Select all
Abbey Gargoyles,hml,,20
Abbey Gargoyles,hml,,50
Will set the owned qty to 50.

The only currently possible way of importing a large collection is via MTGO csv file but if you're not using it to begin with, it's still easier to convert to userData.csv format.

I don't know about MWS but I suppose the only way it tracks cards is via decks as it's mostly a deck builder and not a inventory type of application.

Re: how to get a .mwsdeck to userData.csv?

PostPosted: 05 Oct 2008, 07:11
by Luka
Found a way. In MWS you can export a deck as a Comma Separated Value file. Won't work in deck edit mode tho, have to switch to the library one.

1) All the cards have to be in the sideboard
2) Set up the columns that way: Name, set, something preferably empty, sideboard
3) Export to a .csv file (Files >> Export)

It's not quite enough yet, as the result will look like this:

Code: Select all
"Dark Ritual";"A";"";"1"
So open a notepad or your favourite text editor, open the file you just exported and replace:
1) " by nothing
2) ; by ,
There's also some (1), (2), etc. added next to some names to take care of
3) (1) by nothing

Now open userData.csv in Nate's deck builder root directory. Make sure the later isn't running. And copy past the cards ... Careful the last line you generated with MWS don't have to be pasted.

It's done.

However there is a strange bug, no cards will show until you check the "Show only unique cards" option ... Wich is kind of weird, can someone tell me why?

Re: how to get a .mwsdeck to userData.csv?

PostPosted: 05 Oct 2008, 10:57
by Snacko
those with (1), (2) etc should be translated to
Plus you need to use the official 3 letter codes ex. A->LEA