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HQ Cardgen M15/8th/Pre8th/Tokens/Emblem (Updated 2018/01/29)

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2015, 23:49
by ahkren
Updated version

Added IMA and DDT in english
Added DDT symbols
Added Unstable basic lands frames as full border
Added Host frames
Added Augment frames as full border
Added Contraption frames as full border
Added Invocation frames as full border
Updated language files
Added UST, HTR, H17, RIX in english
Added watermarks for H17 and UST
Updated cards.csv with latest gatherer errata
Added RIX Spotlight
Fixed punctuation followed by symbol wrapping at end of line

Rendered Images | Open

Old Updates | Open
Changed the way decklist imports look for cards to exclude token if (token) is not pic
Added closing } at the end of aftermath renderer
Changed font size for type on m15 tokens
Changed the way xlhq cards are looked for, default is .xlhq instead of xlhq
Added Some promo card dates
Added C17
XLN english added to cards.csv
E01 scheme updated to not look so crappy
New Invocation font testing
Invention frames bightened a bit
Fixed some issues with date by setting $date = null; when used
First pass with XLN transform land frames

Code: Select all
I've been working on getting cardgen working for the new sets. I have it working with up to BFZ. The backgrounds I have are decent for Devoid, Expedition lands. I got full art lands for BFZ, ZEN and UNH working (some of the frames still need some work, but they are good for the time being), UGL is still being worked on.Eighth edition style tokens now have the proper beveling in the title
Added support for Tokens (8th and M15 style) still needs some tweaking, but it works. Tokens are stored in data/tokens.csv and input as 1,Angel 4/4,ISD. There should be all tokens that cards can create in the database up to BFZ.
Added parser for Gatherer Extractor (all currently supported languages) [needs work, but I only have a minimal working knowledge of a couple of the languages. Someone with knowledge of the languages would be able to have an easier time with getting the minutia of the parser working]
Updated language files to the best of my ability.
Using the parsed Gatherer Extractor file as the main database

Fixed a couple of bugs introduced in 9.0.06
Fixed bug with futureshifted cards not rendering in languages other than English
isDevoid now looks at languages other than English
Corrected the included font files for Russian language

Corrected M15 Collector Number to three digits always
Added Alternate Art MTGO Cube cards as CUB set
Added Vintage and Eternal championship prizes as PRM set
Added World Magic Cup prizes as WMC
Updated Zendikar Expeditions frames
Corrected scaling issue with Futureshifted land icon
Duplicated database with Colorless Symbol changes, to revert use cards.orig.csv
Added new Colorless symbol as {C}, Chaos symbol is now {CHAOS}

Corrected bug in Eighth Planeswalker renderer
Added missing land colors for Theros and Tarkir blocks

Added support for Fuse Split cards
Added support for Consiracy cards
Corrected support for Transform cards with different sides
Moved 4 ability planeswalkers to csv file for easier changes
Made it so Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII has an italic title
Added a toggle for PreEighth edition to have indicator mark

Corrected token picture dimensions.
Now looks for tokens art under {artdir}/{SET}/tokens
Cleaned up some issues with non-english card formatting
Added the option to render transform cards as split. Change to 1 if you want to use
Added the option to have proper symbol on promo cards, default on. Change to turn off

Added C15 cards
Added support for futureshifted cards (artist and copyright line are giving some trouble being right justified)
Option to remove flavor text added
Added the option for creating custom Planeswalkers, Planes, and Schemes to misc/createCard.bat
Changed token name formatting (1,Angel,ISD)

Added M15 style transform frames
Fixed futuresight bug that wouldn't render if there was a supertype
Corrected spelling on Kolaghan in titleToClan.csv (shouldn't be Kologhan...)
Phenomenon should now render when language is set to other than English
Classic dual lands should have centered text regardless of language
Fixed the placement of the Unhinged symbol putting it back to it's proper place on non-basic land cards
Added OGW English cards (translations will be available as soon as I can get them)

M15 game day full art promos working
Corrected right alignment of artist and copyright text on futureshifted cards
UGL lands should have text in the proper place.
Added 1/2 non-mana symbol for UNH
Corrected shadow for HalfW, HalfR, and 1000000 symbol for UNH
Token translations for 8th edition frames should be able to be rendered for languages with latin based characters with beveled text (cyrillic based characters and asian languages not supported yet)
Added option to turn off token beveled text (change config.txt card.text.token.beveling to 0 to disable)

Added option to randomize localized flavor text (card.localized.flavor.random)
Added Pre8th token frames and rendering working
8th edition token title border now has proper variable width based on title length, long title names still spilling over the edge
Added Russian and Japanese font options so font changes don't have to be done manually
Tokens fully localized for French
Added nyx stars frames for enchantment creature tokens
Second style of 8th Edition game day full art frames are working, still need to create the first style
Added option to output token names in the format for forge. Change config.txt output.tokens.for.forge to 1 to enable

Moved hero cards to tokens.csv for easier translations
Added option to change token image subdirectory. (config.txt, art.subdirectory.token)
Moved token title beveling option to config-tokens.txt (card.title.beveling)
Emblems can now be rendered (still needs some tweaking)
Added some missing tokens
Fixed M15 token frames (thanks to satsuki)
Paged output should now work with all cards. Output is 315 dpi
Corrected some fonts to have accent characters
Added some additional options for error reporting

Adjusted devoid and eldrazi frames to have 90% transparency on the type bar
Added SOI to database
satsuki fixed some missing frames for MGD and CHP
Added W16 to database
DDQ Blessed vs. Cursed added in english
Added Eldritch Moon to sets
Adjusted the positioning and dimensions of the M15 paged renders
Added more transform titles to title to transform Adjusted M15 renderer to not have holofoil on night side of transform cards Adjusted renderer.php so a symbol followed by a period non-whitespace will properly wrap.
Corrected some missing translation, flavor, and syntax cleanup
Updated M15 Planeswalker frames with satsuki's frames Fixed color on night side text
replaced many untranslated "Planeswalker" with "Arpenteur" in french
Added override to check new french translation of Planeswalker
Added SOI tokens
Moved titleToTransform.csv to /data
Added frames for MPR created by satsuki
Added satsuki's MGD frames
Started adding challenge decks, nowhere near complete yet.
Updated MGD no type promo frames by satsuki.
Gruesome Slaughter and Korlash, Heir to Blackblade should now have correct frames for the promo version.
Updated tokens so Clue renders correctly.
Added proper MPR frames.

Added SOI Prerelease/Game Day/Launch cards Added 2016 Judge Cards Fixed frame for Judge basic lands to ZEN frame
Corrected cropped text on planeswalkers
Adjusted frames for some cards to proper frame
Fixed some watermarks
Updated scrips to begin with "<?php" to be more linux friendly Added linux shell scripts for the card generation
Added missing cards to DB, fixed some more land colors
Changed the way M15Renderer looks for full art basic lands (using BFZ/OGW frames as default M15 Full art basic land frame
Added a swich for renderer override so it will render properly if render.m15, render.eighth, or render.preEighth are turned off (won't render frames that are turned off).
Added card.use.symbol.pre6th.core.set to config-preEighth.txt to turn on or off using set symbols for Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, 4th, and 5th editions
Fixed shell scripts from CRLF to LF
Decklist overhaul. Added a whole bunch of newer sets, plus filled in a few older ones. All decklists are now aware of alternate art as well, to make generation easier.
Updated titleToLandColors, replaced WUBRG with A
Couple DB fixes Changed Markov's Servant to Markov’s Servant in relevant files so that the night side will properly render
Added option in PreEighth and Eighth config files to have white border for certain sets.
Added M15 style tmeshifted frames Set up timeshifted in m15-config
M15 fuse rendering should work properly again.
Added some missing french flavor for multiversion cards (Abbey Matron for exemple)
Fixed the SOI MGD promos rendering with the wrong frame.
Added option in config.txt to use pre-exodus all black symbols.
Updated GathererExtractor to pull card pic to language flavor file.
fontSizes.csv updated
TSP Assembly-Worker should now be distinguished from the token Assembly-Worker in decklists
Added option to disable reminder on pre mirage sets
Corrected / added lots of missing french reminder text for Mirage to Pre-eighth cards
Fixed UGL basic land art dimensions
Ajusted Pre-Mirage removal of reminder text to trigger only if $config['card.reminder.text'] is not already off and already set to remove reminder text Ajusted Pre-Mirage removal of reminder text to not trigger on classic dual lands reminder text. Ajusted UGL basic land art dimensions
Cleaned up B.F.M. from UGL
Punctuation after symbol shouldn't wrap now.
Fixed some issues with Portal card variants.
Made generation shell scripts executable.
Media inserts decklist for Mana Crypt & friends
Fixed a couple of expansion symbols.
Ajusted the M15 card scaling and placement in page rendering Cleaned up a bit of the code in the expansion symbol renderer
Added missing cards to ABU decklists
Fixed the way that addCard looked for Assembly-Worker, fixes generateAllTokens
Corrected futuresight art frame size
Updated EMA tokens and emblems
Added EMA to cards.csv

Changed EMA set symbols to vector rendered versions.
Lots of cleanup, syntax update, space normalisation in french ...
lots of cleanup and corrected some missing « or » in french
correct some quotes errors on french
Added set symbol for EMN
New vector based symbol for W16
Updated some expansion symbols with better quality.
Corrected DTK symbol colors
Corrected translucent background on Eldrazi frames
Updated EighthRenderer with same changes as M15 renderer for multi color transform cards
Updated sets.txt with upcoming sets
Added English EMN to cards.csv
Added new lands to titleToLandColors
Added new transform cards to titleToTransfrorm
Added english language version to translationToTitle for transform card flip side
Fixed M15Renderer and TransformRenderer to be able to use new transform frames
Adjusted title placement for new frames
Correcting M15 transform frames
Added EMN Emblems
Added EMN tokens
Fixed some promo overrides
Corrected some missing overrides for PRE from Recent blocks
Fixed regex picking up 2 digit picture number in Decklist.php
Renamed transform-walker to transform-ignite
Added more overrides for promo cards
Corrected decklist picture number with more than 1 digit not resolving.
Corrected symbol on Moon/Eldrazi transform frames
Corrected Spark transform frames
Added proper border for Challenge Deck card titles
Added CD2

Corrected the token picture placement in M15 frames.
Corrected type and expansion symbol alignment in M15 frames
Emblem title EMBLEM is now larger
Added Clash Pack 3
Corrected regex for decklist to be able to recognize more picture formats
Added Giant Adephage token
Corrected some tokens with the wrong data
Added Conspiracy - Take the Crown
Fixed a couple of promo overrides
Added Duel Deck Anthology
Corrected tokens that have token picture to not be suffixed with (token)
Added M15 level frames and renderer
Moved watermarks (clan, guild, phyrexian) to watermarks folder
Added new frames for M15 style conspiracy and draft matters cards
Updated M15Renderer for new conspiracy frames
Added The Monarch token with frame and render support
Added English CN2 tokens
Added English V16
Corrected wrong frame for Dark Depths
Fixed DecklistRenderer for large deck legality
Updated Banned/Restricted and sets in formats.txt
Added option to have picture number with the name (e.g. Forest1 instead of Forest (1)) card.short.pic is the option in config.txt
Added CN2 draft matters and conspiracy cards to Z08 - Draft Matters-Conspiracy.mwDeck
Added option to use full XLHQ cards for art in eighth, m15, and preeighth
Updated language files with EMN
Updated sets with new product
Updated all renderers to be able to use XLHQ images
Updated config-m15planeswalker.txt to have XLHQ settings
Added promo set text to M15 and Eighth cards
Added tombstone to select eighth promo cards
Removed Artist from titleToAltSet.csv, replaced with M15 display set
M15 display set on promo cards should overwrite for correct card set on M15 set at bottom of card
Added energy symbol {E} to symbols for KLD cards
Corrected CHAOS symbol with more accurate CHAOS symbol
Added Portal power and toughness symbols and option to toggle.
Added nyxstars frame for eighth
Added new frames for Expeditions and BFZ Full art land
Added DDR set
Corrected  titleToLocalizedFlavors in CardDB to properly collect non-English flavor texts for randomization
Corrected size of BFZ Full art land mana symbol
Added Vehicle frames
Corrected some coloring on futureshifted cards
Fixed token with flavor having wrong frame
Localized cards without flavor shouldn't get random flavor any more with card.localized.flavor.random active
corrected one of the EMN zombie
Added EMN, CN2,EMA, and V16 tokens
Added EMN and EMA Emblems
Added corrected EXP frames
Corrected M15 transform text over p/t
Fixed PT images
Changed "Put token onto the battlefield" to "Create token" in english
added CD2
Corrected C14 Whale token to have proper text.
Changed tokens to current Create wording as opposed to put on batlefield.
Changed the way TransformRenderer looks for the 2nd pt
Added vector MPS_KLD symbol
Masterpiece series cards should have MPS_(SET) and the program now looks for that properly

Corrected error in M15Renderer returning empty array instead of null
Added new style PT boxes to conspiracy frames
Corrected position of vehicle PT box
Updated timeshifted PT box for M15
Fixed bug adding additional space if $chunk->value == ' '
Added C16 english
Corrected some XLHQ issues

Added default timezone to global
Created JaceBeleren-BoldItalic for M15 cards with italics in title
Correcting card year in copyright line
Added C16 tokens
Added some renderer overrides for Arena lands
Put Beatdown Box set in Pre8th renderer
Combined DCI Legend Membership and Legends Membership
Added new story watermarks
Added M15Plane and M15Scheme renderers
Fixed Blustersquall guild watermark color
Added sets TD0, TD2, AER, PCA
Added option for AE (Æ) ligature on or off, config.txt card.use.ligature
Added JSON converter
Added new frames for classic dual lands
Added AER Masterpiece cards
Fixed some quotes to curly quotes ("" to “”)
GathererExtractor.php should now put curly quotes on legal text.
Added AER Tokens
Updated DDR symbol

Fixed title and Type bars in 4 ability planeswalkers frames
Corrected frame override
Updated pre8th tokens to have the ability to have the card name instead of TOKEN:
Fixed Ragavan's toughness
Corrected AER symbol
Corrected override for Vampiric Dragon in TD0
Made some changes to reflect current oracle wordings.
Moved store promos to Media Inserts
Added CD3 Added KLD and AER Game Day promos
Corrected size on Challenge Deck creature titles
Fixed symbol shadowing on shadowed legal text (MGD cards)
Added MPS promo set
Corrected D12 and D13 symbol
Added MPS and ANN symbols
Corrected a bunch of card text to Oracle text.
Added D14 and D15 symbols
Corrected text color of FUT multicolor lands
Added some more artists names to tokens
Fixed PT box color on 8ed MGD frames
Fixed frame for MGD difference between multicolor and hybrid color cards Fixed JOU Symbol
Added option for bold text, surround text with %% for bold
Updated configs with bold and bold italic fonts for legal and flavor text
Moved Alternate art cube cards from M15 frame to Eighth frame
Fixed some fonts with missing glyphs
Made GothamMediumMono for collector's number, numbers are Monospaced Fixed Eighth UB border from being UR
Removed some outdated expeditions frames
Added starM15 in white, black and grey as the M15 star is different from the PreEighth and Eighth star
CardDB will now look for art in $card->set first and if it doesn't find art will look in $card->getDisplaySet() (mostly useful for post M15 Prerelease cards that have the same art.)
Added C16, AER, CD3 and some missing cards
Reduced size of E symbol
Changed secondary art lookup to only include PRE
Completely reworked how Story Spotlight is calculated making it easier to add new cards.
Fixed french original name for Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker
Set size limit for nonWrappedChunkWidth
Changed check between symbol and punctuation.
Corrected "planeswalker" (now unstranslated une official french version)
Corrected french Révolte to be italicized.
Testing Chinese language fonts
Fixed bug in GathererExtractor
Added option to output to language folder
Punctuation following italic punctuation should now not wrap.
A lot of updates for Russian fonts
Corrected PT on some meld cards
Corrected Grand Prix set symbols
Corrected a bunch of MIN symbols
Fixed transform for EMN Eldrazi in non latin characters
Removed invalid sRBG iCC profiles on a lot of png images
[b]Updated php version to 5.5.0[/b]
Working on getting Japanese fully supported
Major changes in some scripts, need to double check that nothing got broken for all languages
Added temporary PZ2 symbols
Changed text sized for M15 collection text, artist text, and copyright
Added rough AKH symbol
Added character symbols to m15 font for alternate fhkmnKQR characters
Added second expansion symbol for a couple of cards in PreEitghthRenderer
Corrected some missed "Choose one" cards in cards.csv
Reworked how the M15 textbox is handled. Should now provide more accurate results.
Updated fontSizes.csv
Added per language fontSizes.csv option
Added token option for createCard
Updated Futuresight type symbols
Added MM3 Symbol
Fixed AKH symbol
Fixed size of M15 collection text
Added option to render flip as transform

Add decks for newer sets.
Fixed a typo in cards.csv that was breaking Wily Bandar and Wind Drake in KLD.
Added AKH, MPS_AKH, W17 cards and AKH Tokens
Added placeholder Invocation frames
Added rendered W17 rarities
Changed full border from png to jpg, seems to make less of a mess
Added satsuki's large text box tokens for AKH
Corrected some token backgrounds
Added invocation font and rendering for invocations
Fixed PZ2, added the 12 new cards
Fixed Archenemy: Nicol Bolas code to E01 and E1S (nonscheme and scheme respectively)
Added aftermath split frames
Added large textbox tokens for AKH
Added CMA and E01 to database in english
Edited invocation font to have accents
Implementing aftermath card rendering.
Fixed and added some rarity symbols
Removed centering from legal text on aftermath cards
Added HOU symbol
Non-English Aftermath cards should now render with the aftermath frames.
Adjusted spacing between top and bottom aftermath cards
Added HOU cards and tokens in english
Older Versions | Open

Re: HQ Cardgen M15/Eighth/PreEighth

PostPosted: 12 Oct 2015, 05:00
by ahkren
Fixed the ZEN land frames.
| Open

Re: HQ Cardgen M15/Eighth/PreEighth

PostPosted: 12 Oct 2015, 09:28
by Gahedros
Thank you very much for your work!

Any fast/simple way of getting all the cropped art images for all sets? I used to have a working copy, but I don't know where to begin now to download all the up to date arts.

Re: HQ Cardgen M15/Eighth/PreEighth

PostPosted: 12 Oct 2015, 16:51
by ahkren
There's torrent links to fulls and crops at this thread
That's the easiest way I can think of.

Re: HQ Cardgen M15/Eighth/PreEighth

PostPosted: 12 Oct 2015, 17:31
by pulgalipe
Thanks @ahkren, but, I was wondering how you got those images.
You've scanned them and used it on these screenshots?
'Cause it was awesome! :O

Re: HQ Cardgen M15/Eighth/PreEighth

PostPosted: 12 Oct 2015, 19:09
by ahkren
Some of the frames I modified from the amazing work of the people at, a lot of the frames existed from the people who have worked on HQ CardGen before me. The pictures, I've been looking for the highest resolution I could find on the net. Time consuming, but not too hard to find most of them.

Re: HQ Cardgen M15/Eighth/PreEighth

PostPosted: 13 Oct 2015, 02:20
by pulgalipe
Got it.
Will start to generate an entire base of proxies for use on Forge.
It will become my hobbie project.

Re: HQ Cardgen M15/Eighth/PreEighth

PostPosted: 13 Oct 2015, 06:52
by Gahedros
ahkren wrote:There's torrent links to fulls and crops at this thread
That's the easiest way I can think of.
Ok. What should the image folder structure look like? A folder for each set with the unzipped cropped images inside?

Re: HQ Cardgen M15/Eighth/PreEighth

PostPosted: 13 Oct 2015, 19:17
by ahkren
it looks at the 3 letter set code then the cropped image name.
so like:
.\HQ\BFZ\Adverse Conditions.jpg

Planeswalkers look like:
.\HQ\RTR\Jace, Architect of Thought.jpg
.\HQ\RTR\Jace, Architect of Thought-overlay.png

Re: HQ Cardgen M15/Eighth/PreEighth

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2015, 07:39
by Gahedros
ahkren wrote:it looks at the 3 letter set code then the cropped image name.
so like:
.\HQ\BFZ\Adverse Conditions.jpg

Planeswalkers look like:
.\HQ\RTR\Jace, Architect of Thought.jpg
.\HQ\RTR\Jace, Architect of Thought-overlay.png
Got it working now, thank you very much. The problem was that all my crops looked like *.crop.jpg

Re: HQ Cardgen M15/Eighth/PreEighth

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2015, 17:57
by pulgalipe
Tried to make it work under Linux, but Without luck.
Downloaded Linux scripts from original script and run those to generate my HQ Cards.
Can anybody help me to make it work?

Re: HQ Cardgen M15/Eighth/PreEighth

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2015, 00:09
by ahkren
I have a basic Fuse card working now (not uploaded yet) as well as fixed the Soul Seizer bug so each side renders correctly. Cleaning up the code and might upload a new version this weekend.

Re: HQ Cardgen M15/Eighth/PreEighth

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2015, 07:49
by Gahedros
Great work!

Re: HQ Cardgen M15/Eighth/PreEighth (Updated 10/17/2015)

PostPosted: 18 Oct 2015, 01:08
by ahkren
Latest version added with support for Fuse cards.
Changelog in rar.

Re: HQ Cardgen M15/Eighth/PreEighth (Updated 10/17/2015)

PostPosted: 25 Oct 2015, 19:52
by ggwithrow
Getting an error

ERROR: Land color missing for card: Mana Confluence