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Magic Album Tips and Tricks

PostPosted: 23 Oct 2009, 06:19
by Goblin Hero
Here I will post some tips and tricks that will help you with Magic Album.
1. Quick search do not work? To enable it you should make an ascending sort on "Name" or "Name (Oracle)" field. Then quick search will work with this field.
2. Tired to deselect all sets but one in the filter? Try right mouse button (also works with languages list).
3. And try right mouse button over check boxes groups in the filter.
4. Right mouse button over list's header also displays menu with some functions.
5. Want to be notified about new versions? Just subscribe to this topic.
6. Click columns headers for 1st level sort order. Shift+Click for next level sort order.

Re: Magic Album Tips and Tricks

PostPosted: 04 Aug 2010, 15:55
by Goblin Hero
MA now has "Tip of the day" feature. If you have a good tip - you may post it here or send me by PM. It will be added to the next MA relase.

Re: Magic Album Tips and Tricks

PostPosted: 26 Aug 2010, 16:36
by rjp14
I'm not 100% sure how to phrase this but I'll give it a shot. Feel free to edit them for clarity. :) Also I will add to this list should I think of any others.

Tip #1

"To quickly add multiples of cards to a deck, highlight the cards either by holding down the shift key or ctrl keys and then select the add card to deck button. (Press it as many times as needed)"

Tip 2:

"Creating multiple Magic Album layouts will help with creating things such as decks. The tools to do this are located under the View option found on the menu bar."

Tip 3:

"Consider a vertical layout with your inventory, deck, and card pictures for building decks in Magic Album"

Tip 4:

"The deck panel can also function as a way to quickly figure out the costs for all the cards you wish to buy."

Tip 5:

"There are multiple pricing scripts available for Magic Album. Visit the Magic Album forums thread Card Pricing to download them."

Tip 6:

"If there is something missing from Magic Album that you wish to have added post a note in the Magic Album forums under the Magic Album Wishlist thread."

Tip 7:

"Columns that are hidden while creating custom layouts will remain that way as long as the are saved in the layout."

Tip 8:

"There are many card filters available in Magic Album for finding cards that match certain criteria. These can be found by clicking on the magnifying glass icon found at the top of the inventory and database panes. Or by using the F3 key while having either the database or inventory panes selected correspondingly."

Tip 9:

"You can save custom card filters for later use. This is especially useful for hiding sets you don't normally view in the database."

Tip 10:

"There are default card filters for Standard, Extended, and Eternal built into Magic Album. When in the Card Filter window right click the sets pane to quickly access them."

Tip 11:

"To quickly apply the same card filters between the card database and your inventory select the synchronize filters button. This must be done on the pane you previously set the filters on."

Tip 12:

"The statistics button will allow you to quickly see the number of card you have in each set (Regular, foil and token) as well as which cards you are missing."

Tip 13:

"Don't eat yellow snow! :)"

Tip 14:

"You can quickly copy the text in cells by right-clicking the wanted cell and selecting copy cell."

Tip 15:

"Magic Album allows you to save your created decks in Magic Album (.mad) and Magic Workstation (.mwDeck) formats."

Tip 16:

"You can create a default filter for Magic Album to start with every time Magic Album is loaded. First you need to create and save the filter you want. Then go to the menu bar and select Tools -> Preferences (Ctrl + P). Inside the preferences file you need to set the Default database filter to the filter you created. Then you need to set the 'On start' option to 'Load default filter.'"

Tip 17:

"You can rearrange the order of your cards in the deck pane by using the Move Card Up (Ctrl + Up) and Move Card Down (Ctrl + Down) buttons found at the top of the deck pane."

Tip 18:

"You can rotate card images by selecting the buttons at the top of the scanned card window pane."

Tip 19:

"When you are finished making changes to your inventory it is best to lock it. This will stop you from making any accidential changes to it. The lock button is located at the top of the inventory pane."

Tip 20:

"The legality column is a quick way to check if a card is legal in a certain format. Green means that the card is legal in that format and red indicates that it is not legal."

Tip 21:

"Magic Album will run off of a Flash Drive. This makes it possible to take it with you wherever you go."

Tip 22:

"You can merge multiple Magic Album inventories together by using the merge function found under Inventory in the menu bar."

Tip 23:

"In each panes title bar there is a quick summary of what the pane contains."

Re: Magic Album Tips and Tricks

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2010, 05:29
by Goblin Hero
TY, I'll consider this. Most are ok, but some tips are obvious imho.

Re: Magic Album Tips and Tricks

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2010, 14:29
by rjp14
I understand that. However seeing as there really is no 'help' manual associated with the program I figured the more the better. As sometimes people over look or miss things. But at least the are available in this thread anyway. :) Feel free to pick and choose what works best. That's why I wrote a bunch.

Re: Magic Album Tips and Tricks

PostPosted: 21 Sep 2010, 01:39
by edforth
I'm not sure of the best way to phrase this but something I do when a new core set comes out is load the full set into a deck to see what cards I already have 4 of