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Re: LordHelmchen's price import - BFZ and mkm

PostPosted: 20 Apr 2016, 22:59
by LordHelmchen
It seems like my own mkm token set has been revoked as well.

tcgplayer has reorganized their site, and the ressource I had used is no longer available. I contacted them about API access, but apparently that is "only intended for larger scale App/Site developers who refer a large amount of traffic for us and are using the API for an informational site."

Instead of releasing the prepared SOI update, I'll have to rethink the whole project. Worst case, as the mkm-helper script already requests each single card seperately through the API (as the whole set request doesn't include prices anymore), it can probably adapted to fetch every single card via normal http from their normal site. At least that way, we'll no longer be subjected to the 5000-requests-per-day-limit >:-)

If you have questions or need help updating/adapting the script for another site, in principle I'm still interested in the scripts and willing to help.