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Oath of the Gatewatch .txt

PostPosted: 12 Jan 2016, 01:16
by Cromell
I only use MWS for inventorying my cards and building decks.
The files I post work for my purposes, I hope they work for yours.
I cannot help with gameplay or other technical difficulties.

Here is my Oath of the Gatewatch .txt file.
OGW.txt has the Devoid cards as Artifact color.
OGW_DEVOID_BY_COLOR.txt has the Devoid cards under the colors in their casting cost.

I used " C " to reference the colorless mana icon in the .txt files since Wizards was using it. This post contains a theme I edited to show the colorless mana icon within the database since the theme I was using used " C " for something else.

Also included is my updated Expeditions .txt, includes all 45.

If you find any mistakes please post them.

Again, I hope it works for you.
Happy card slinging.