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Possible limit in the number of sets

PostPosted: 04 Oct 2010, 17:01
by tatello
it has been reported to me, and then i have tested by myself, that, after having added SOM to the masterbase via txt spoiler, filtering SOM gave as a result also Mirage cards. In my case, not only Mirage, but even other promo sets (ARE, MPR, etc...)

After further investigation, I have found that Mirage has disappeared from the list of sets just after the update, whilst its card are still present in the masterbase.

I guess that there is a limit of 100 editions allowed for the software, so, because of the various promotional sets (FtV, JGC, DD, etc...) SOM has become the 101st and so Mirage has been erased from the list.

Can anyone confirm this? Have you experienced the same problem and/or found a solution?

EDIT: I have tried deleting some editions, but then the software has erased Alliances after having added SOM. I have supposed the sets.dat file had some issue, so I have downloaded masterbase/sets updated to M11 from another source and then added SOM. This has worked. Hope this could be useful to some developer to find the issue; unfortunately, I am not able to edit this kind of files.

thank you,