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Need help - Recover deleted decks

PostPosted: 07 Feb 2011, 15:27
by Kain123

I was trying to install Goblin Hero's MasterBase file with Mirrodin Besieged included but it kept giving me error messages (corrupt .rar file and MWS not working anymore). It was mentionned in the MWS Install Guide that uninstalling MWS and doing a new installation could fix many problems so I set up to do that. I moved my "Pics" folder so it didnt get deleted when I uninstalled but I forgot to move my Decks file and I had about 25 decks.

All the files got deleted but, to my surprise, when I open MWS Play, I can still select any of my deck, I just cannot modify them in there a way for me to get back the deck files or if I have to manually rebuild all my decks ? ...the MWS Play program must be finding it's data somewhere to open my decks even if the files are erased.

On top of all that, I still dont have Mirrodin Besieged =/

Thanks for your help !