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How can i make my own masterbase

PostPosted: 28 May 2008, 22:30
by Huggybaby
( Sebas_Mex)
Excusme what i need and what i need to do for make my own mwsmasterbase make my own cards etc

Re: How can i make my own masterbase

PostPosted: 28 May 2008, 22:31
by Huggybaby
To create your own masterbase, you're going to need time and the card images. You can either do it like the Magic: the Gathering mwBase and have the pics separate, or include them in the mwSet files, as I do.

If you have a text spoiler, it can be done a bit easier. First off, you will have to fill out the following 'form' for every card in the set:
    Card Name:
    Card Color:
    Type & Class:
    Mana Cost:
    Card Text:
    Pow/Tou: /
    Flavor Text:
    Card #:

Also, MWS uses abbreviations for the mana colors:
    W - White
    U - Blue
    B - Black
    R - Red
    G - Green
    Gld - Gold, or Multicolor
    Art - Artifact
    Lnd - Land

Make sure to save the .txt file with the above information to a place where you can easily find it. Then go to "Tools" -> "Add/Analyze/Remove Sets." Choose the tab that says "Add New Edition," check the box that reads "Get data from text Spoiler." Navigate to where you saved the .txt file and open it. After it loads, click "Next Page" at the bottom of the "Add/Analyze/Remove Sets" window. Edit what you need to, and then press "Add Edition."

Alternatively, you can enter one card at a time using the "Card Creation Center" by going to "Tools" -> "Card Creation Center."

Fill in the fields that you need and erase the ones that you don't. Something to remember: When using the Card Creation Center, the Set Abbreviation field can accept only up to 3 letters. This can be manually edited later, if necessary. Also, once you input the Set Abbreviation you want, do not change it for the entire set you are working on.

I have noticed a glitch while using the Card Creation Center. Sometimes it will 'freeze' at one picture, even if you have uploaded another one. Simply close the Creation Center, save your work thus far, and restart MWS. Doing so will un-stick the image, without you having to go and recreate the entire set from scratch (especially if there are typos or what-not).

Once you have created your Custom Set, now you need to compile it. Make sure that the grid you created the cards in is selected and go to "Tools" -> "Work with Custom Sets" -> "Compile Set from Current Grid." Once the window opens, click "Analyze." Enter the information as needed, such as Set Name, Author, Description, and so-forth. Another note: If you do not enter the Set Name exactly as it appears on the Database Name, MWS will have trouble finding images and cards. It is best to save the mwBase with the same name you plan on giving the set when you compile it.

Choose the options you need, like "Insert Card Pictures" or "Insert other graphics data (templates, set icons, etc.)" Including these will increase the size of the mwSet file, but it will keep everything together.

Once the set is compiled, it will be saved in the "Custom Sets" folder in the "Magic Workstation" folder. You can now either delete the first mwBase file you used to create the mwSet or keep it as a backup. I recommend keeping it as a backup, especially if you plan on releasing 'updates' for your game patch, because you can simply go back to the original and edit what is needed.

Repeat the above steps to create other sets for your game patch.

Now that you have a few mwSet files created, you must put them together in a mwBase file so people can use your patch.

To begin, make sure that both the top and bottom grids are empty/closed. In the top grid, create a new mwBase file (It is generally recommended that this mwBase be named after the game you are creating the patch for). In the bottom grid, open one of your Custom Sets.

The next section is going to be repetitive.

Find the Notepad icon in the top grid's toolbar. Click it to change the grid from "View Mode" (Green Letters) to "Edit Mode" (Red Letters).

Go back to the bottom grid.

Right click on any card in the grid and choose the option "Select All Cards."

Once all the cards in the bottom grid are highlighted, click the "Green Arrow Up" next to the Search box. This should copy all your cards into the top grid.

Find the Notepad Icon in the top grid and click it again. This will turn the top grid back into "View Mode" and help prevent any "Accidental Deletion."

Close your bottom grid.

Open the second mwSet and repeat the above steps between the diamonds. Do not close the top grid/mwBase until you are finished!

After you have transferred all the cards from your mwSets into your mwBase, save the top grid.

Congratulations! You have just finished creating your own Patch for MWS!

Now is when I like to create an Installer Program. I prefer to use Clickteam's Install Creator. It's free and easy to use. You can find it here:

Re: How can i make my own masterbase

PostPosted: 17 Apr 2009, 02:19
by Westin
I'm having trouble with the spoiler text syntax for some reason. Here is the spoiler.txt file that Im trying to add:

Card Name: Humphrey Bogart
Card Color: W
Rarity: R
Type & Class: Creature Human
Mana Cost: 6WU
Card Text: The Bogart is capable of extreme damage but has little protection.
Pow/Tou: 9/3
Flavor Text: Insert random humphrey bogart quote here
Artist: Westin Kramer
Card #: 1

Perhaps someone can tell me where I've gone wrong.

Also, is it one spoiler text file per card, or can the spoiler text file hold all the cards in one text file?

Re: How can i make my own masterbase

PostPosted: 17 Apr 2009, 05:32
by andros414
Well this is embarrassing...

You are able to put all the cards in a set in a single text file and load it that way (most people prefer this as it makes the process faster).

I personally prefer using the Card Creation Center. It might be slower, but it gives me a chance to learn the cards as I go and check for errors (spelling being the most common).

I had friends that only used text spoilers and I don't recall hearing them complain about syntax errors. If I can get ahold of them, I'll see what I can find out and let you know.

When I made that guide, it was working both ways, but even for me it won't work with the card you're trying to make. I don't get it.


Re: How can i make my own masterbase

PostPosted: 17 Apr 2009, 05:37
by Westin
I thought maybe it has to do with the creature and type format, whether there was only supposed to be a space between the words, or a / or a - or whatever.

Tried different things, also removed the field descriptions and just had the card info, no go, removed the blank space between the field names and the card info, not that either.

Thanks for your time.

Re: How can i make my own masterbase

PostPosted: 17 Apr 2009, 05:55
by andros414
It's really weird.

To be honest, I snagged the info about the text spoiler from Aezuriel's thread on Magi-Soft Forums, so it should work.

Sorry I can't be more help :|

Re: How can i make my own masterbase

PostPosted: 27 Jan 2010, 02:09
by tatello
I have noticed that if the card# is not listed in the form n/TOT , the cards are not added to the database, even though it doesn't give any error: it simply says "0 cards added". Maybe that's the problem.

Re: How can i make my own masterbase

PostPosted: 26 Sep 2010, 02:45
by woogerboy21
Can someone either post a working txt spoiler that imports correctly or send me one in a PM?